Hugh Grant Accuses Another Tabloid

Actor believes Britain's Mail on Sunday hacked his phone in 2007.
0:52 | 11/21/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hugh Grant Accuses Another Tabloid
Actor Hugh Grant says he believes his phone was had not by Rupert Murdoch's news of the world but by another British tabloid -- mail. Grant told an inquiry into media ethics say 2007 story about his romantic life could only have been obtained through eavesdropping on his voice -- -- -- For the life of me think of any conceivable. Source for the story in the in the -- on Sunday except. That is voice messages on my mobile telephone my. -- overwhelming mostly throughout this whole episode this was to protect -- the mother of my child from a press -- if someone like me. Call to -- four. -- -- something in the streets and they happen to one meal my girlfriend. The chances -- there's a photographer or reporter would turn up on your -- before appeasement.

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{"id":14998669,"title":"Hugh Grant Accuses Another Tabloid","duration":"0:52","description":"Actor believes Britain's Mail on Sunday hacked his phone in 2007.","url":"/International/video/hugh-grant-accuses-tabloid-14998669","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}