ISIS Meets Resistance From Iraqi Government

Iraqi men enlist in army, US considers working with Iran to stem crisis.
9:13 | 06/16/14

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Transcript for ISIS Meets Resistance From Iraqi Government
Run through them. I'm like Nevada credit card Wednesday that either Baghdad. Mandate about maybe it seemed that thirty have all lined up today reported to go fight for their country. This has been incredible you know hearing on me young man all of them say they won't give every -- they will guide for a rock. Not -- -- -- really understand the gravity of what's going on our north even as they headed. As volunteers sign -- Iraq strikes back. Against Sunni militants from above these air strikes happening outside Baghdad. The group known as ice -- -- meeting some resistance as the crisis in Iraq is making some very strange bedfellows right. Hot spot in Iraq -- when I'm down. The insurgents known as the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria -- Have not taken over muscle and to create the second and third largest towns in Iraq and are now just sixty miles from Baghdad. The aggressive move could -- two -- -- countries. Becoming allies United States and Iran. Could be working the other to defeat a common enemy. Secretary of state John Kerry today told Yahoo! news's Katie Couric that he would be open to work with Iran if it had the right -- Are open to discussions. If there's something constructive that can be contributed. A -- -- for read -- prepared to do something that is going to respect the integrity and sovereignty of Iraq in the ability of the government. To reform. Wanna go to our chief foreign correspondent Terry Moran who -- in Northern Iraq Boortz today and Terry. We've been seeing these bombings outside of Baghdad but what is the situation there in the north. But the north where I am in Kyrgyzstan is. Very quiet this secured this air base hit tore the governor's the profits up here. He said we have no -- with -- it actually Dave they're getting themselves but we've talked about this error rate today. It was a very tense situation it's chaotic. Much but much of the roadways are clogged with with people coming and going frankly and this has been through -- Key here they conquered -- territory just about fifty miles from where I am and they are consolidating their old. So that less violence up here but those extremist jihadist now rule in much of Northern Iraq. You were just in the city after a cook that is where the Kurds have taking control could -- faction and be making the most gains from this crisis. -- -- -- -- -- -- it is fighting the government in the United States there are very concerned to see that government stay. Where Kurtz has basically taken -- -- Clinton is -- that's -- the city of -- cook. Who also happens -- on an ocean of oil so it's -- are wealthy city. And they have no attempts giving it back I talked to that the governor there. Who -- the United States with 33 year that's out of Washington DC at the neurosurgeon. -- this region and -- -- Gary Pollack in his response to make clear it -- you're Brack splinter. If he believes is now. Coco loco -- And that is a huge victory political courage at your event persecuted for so long period but the -- this. It's terrible blow -- crisis mr. What has come out of this is that a very bizarre headline a lot people are scratching their heads making sure that they're actually reading this correctly but the fact is the United States and Iran. Could be working together to defeat -- -- in fact here is secretary of state John Kerry with his words. I think we need to go step by step and see what in fact might be a reality. But I wouldn't rule out anything that would be constructive to providing. Real stability. A respect for the constitution of respect for the election process. And the respect for the ability of Iraqi People to form a government that represents all of the interest of Iraq. Not one sectarian group over another. It it has to be inclusive and that has been one of the great problems of the last few years. Is this situation an enemy of my enemy is my friend. Well. Some rock band but I really -- even though the United States Blanche. Seeks to that you can't. They don't share. That goal the -- the United States we just protective state. Kerry say it get to school a government that are present all all -- Iraqis that goal Barack is to old altar. -- dominated government in Baghdad number Iraq invited the freeway. That she. This wasn't stack -- Islam the seventies that mainstream -- division of Islam. And occurred in the nor this Shia aren't out of -- -- in Iraq. They although they elected that the prime minister Noory on -- he would go to art with a Condit. Brutal. And not hurt and lock them sick Harry and. -- -- If you wanted to get benefit it if you get promoted in the army what are the likes of spur business -- what he accused and it. Certain schools. He gave. All the resources and the good he's that the government get its -- the -- It's that the saudis. They -- the north and west sick this isn't -- our government and no belief. This government and and I must say I was on an Iraqi. What in an Iraqi airport. It was creates the -- -- air it out thousands of Americans came through there -- helped build it. It was a disgrace. The Iraqis had fled and people couldn't -- They do little place trash. It was very eerie to see the remnants. Of Americans pressed not just their vehicles on these and other things. But. Sits at home but it's not a bumper sticker wall or -- South Dakota that surrounded by -- -- -- Ghostly -- -- it was it was -- is that as a taxpayer infuriating. And that shows that this country is not. -- -- Fall for each other. Welch chair that the re sources of the country. That they don't trust -- out there across these laws that divide them but so what secretary of state carries -- -- -- -- -- and -- the only solution. Is -- former -- we're all together what Iran it. Saying is let's support our guys let's support the Shia so all the others that are accompaniment. And they don't have a common goal. Internally ask you about this very -- usual situation outside of a rock on the once said the US is supporting Shia government in Iraq against Sunni militants. On the other side of the US is arming Sunni rebels in Syria against Bashar -- -- that is a very and beautiful dichotomy is that not. It's crazy indications that when the -- came off this part of the world. All bets were off and the United States frankly under both President Bush and president of -- That's the Bible has struggled to understand the dynamics here and let's face it how many Americans knew the words Sunni Shia Kurd. Before we launched the large military intervention -- -- -- -- works it. People the White House -- Cover a -- that time. And believe me it was news to most of us officials that Iraq had these divisions and so here -- the Middle East who was full all of these tribal. Ethnic and religious divisions it. Rhyme -- reason competitions and that he should grudges. That. These countries pasted over. Sponsored by the British and the French and that's now coming apart. And the states -- struggling to understand what would sign we want to hear who the good guys over here what happened here. -- both presidents. Perhaps struggled mightily and and -- -- exit policy in this part of the world is seen as weak ineffectual and defeat. ABC's chief foreign correspondent Terry Moran forest in Iraq Terry thank you for that always appreciate it. You can't keep up with this sort real time by downloading ABC news App Store -- -- store for exclusive updates on the go. You've been watching international hot spot on down hustler in New York.

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{"id":24160512,"title":"ISIS Meets Resistance From Iraqi Government","duration":"9:13","description":"Iraqi men enlist in army, US considers working with Iran to stem crisis.","url":"/International/video/international-hot-spot-isis-meets-resistance-iraqi-government-24160512","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}