Elderly Men's Football Brawl

Ex-Canadian football rivals Joe Kapp and Angelo Mosca fight at charity banquet.
0:31 | 11/29/11

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Transcript for Elderly Men's Football Brawl
A couple of aging football players proving you're never too old hold a grudge the Canadian Football League was honoring former sergeant Joseph -- Angela mom of three men. The man rather build 73 years old appeared it's. Each other right off the bat but then things started to heat up yet he's just one of the -- -- swinging it -- striking the other guy. And came the punches. And the -- Over hard hit during -- game. 48 years ago. The -- to -- to throw all flag.

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{"id":15046791,"title":" Elderly Men's Football Brawl","duration":"0:31","description":"Ex-Canadian football rivals Joe Kapp and Angelo Mosca fight at charity banquet.","url":"/International/video/joe-kapp-angelo-mosca-fight-at-canadian-football-banquet-15046791","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}