Navy Plane Scours Indian Ocean for Missing Airplane

Crew on the P3 Orion patrols the ocean for up to 11 hours a day in search of MH370.
3:00 | 03/17/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Navy Plane Scours Indian Ocean for Missing Airplane
The US has deployed at least two aircraft out of clone them cooler that. And the 81 of the most modern and sophisticated airplanes in the -- The green -- squadron from Washington State and part of the navy's seventh fleet. Has been running search and rescue missions for over a week we joined a flight more than ten hours in the air. This Thanksgiving as a lessening the need -- -- 54000. Square nautical miles. The plane dropping below 500 feet levity of the environment -- and -- -- coming to investigate. -- on the continent. -- analysts and it feels like an inch by inch. Four hours tech crews monitor the planes cameras. Located near the landing gear. You have -- -- -- -- give you the full spectrum of color as if you're looking at a window but he gives you the ability -- -- -- infrared camera which gives you noted -- night. Anything that -- the heat signature. Our camera to pick up unionize on it to having your own narrow lens which is very very very close -- it is black and white. It allows us to get very close and then went -- looking that. Lieutenant Erica Ross told ABC news this kind of humanitarian mission is one of the most important they do you. The whole crew invested in -- flight 370. What would it feel like to find might be seventy I would be awesome -- -- would be awesome -- -- people that loved ones on the plane and stuff like that. I'm just get an idea what happened. And of the world like to know also what happened with the aircraft's would be very. Very rewarding feeling that find -- -- Gloria Riviera ABC news Cologne -- tour of Malaysia.

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{"id":22946646,"title":"Navy Plane Scours Indian Ocean for Missing Airplane","duration":"3:00","description":"Crew on the P3 Orion patrols the ocean for up to 11 hours a day in search of MH370.","url":"/International/video/navy-plane-scours-indian-ocean-missing-airplane-22946646","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}