Obama Victory Celebrated in Kenya

Barack Obama's reelection led to an exhaustive, all-night party in Kenya.
3:00 | 11/08/12

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Transcript for Obama Victory Celebrated in Kenya
Not keeping warm by keeping the beat -- prepared for the long -- the election watch party -- typically sleepy village. With an -- all nighter I Don some concern is the first results convenient. Then smiles and -- No winner declared. For the people -- -- -- the game first over the home of president Obama's late father. To celebrate her mama Sarah presents -- nineteen year old grandmother went up she said she never doubted her grandson when -- But it was a great relief to many others here who have high hopes his second term will lead to better lives. In a beautiful yet impoverished land. -- -- -- -- Ambiguity -- community. Yes this -- immunity on the blog. -- connection of the US president has brought more attention from the Kenyan government -- charity groups there's now paved roads electricity and some new wealth. And some new businesses serving tourists. Like this new restaurant. The youngest of come I don't it would -- benefited shall keep us. But he certainly -- small smoking. Nicholas module opened a new hotel here where many say they're celebrating a victory before changing attitudes. Far beyond the village black and white students seemed to be listen to -- it would. Yet that he's you don't and that it at the people we all -- -- uniting ABC news cabello Kenya.

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{"id":17670130,"title":"Obama Victory Celebrated in Kenya","duration":"3:00","description":"Barack Obama's reelection led to an exhaustive, all-night party in Kenya.","url":"/International/video/obama-victory-celebrated-kenya-17670130","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}