Samoa, Tokelau Skip December 30

The tiny Pacific nations are removing Dec. 30 from this calendar year.
0:39 | 12/30/11

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Transcript for Samoa, Tokelau Skip December 30
Cool story that highlighted some people are the South Pacific nation of -- because this is -- day. That will never exist for -- that's because the calendars on -- -- and one of its neighbors are going straight from December 20 ninth. To the 31 New Year's -- they're crossing westward over the international dateline and bear for losing -- -- For now the move is being made to better -- a mall with its local trading partners especially Australia and New Zealand. They lost to hold de Salazar holds it up Friday at I know that -- -- try out on Monday or Tuesday event I don't predicated at the end of the week -- oddly -- right.

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{"id":15259049,"title":"Samoa, Tokelau Skip December 30","duration":"0:39","description":"The tiny Pacific nations are removing Dec. 30 from this calendar year.","url":"/International/video/samoa-and-tokelau-skip-december-30-15259049","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}