Behind The Scenes at the World Economic Forum

ABC News' Patrick Reevell tours the conference hall in Davos.
12:40 | 01/21/16

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Transcript for Behind The Scenes at the World Economic Forum
I'm passionately little breaks news digital me of the world economic. Alarming Davos in Switzerland. Because we gonna get it now a lot of downtown allowances and what people and its missiles managed discussed. The witnesses on main drag away all the time people coming down so to speak delegations in icy. Benjamin Netanyahu Israel Israel's prime premise of his that was just came Constance. She's at the moment in acts of happen any moment the days is. You know. It's the litigation. Yeah. Here is that it is on the nine days in on the main attractions of people and thousands that it unity coming towards these. I mean CEOs in. We say thank you coming deals multi isn't. Three days and they can do. It's months. Because they you know. Yeah. And who lost his mother represented here. NBC news. And Glenn yesterday comfort panel discussions. Thousands of Clinton is sending him already discussed things with Tyson's life the transfer innovation of tomorrow or the Ruble sized nation of have a very soon. Abstract sounding. Futuristic. Titles. It doesn't make positive feeling in the bigoted mostly from the home. It's. Time to talk to some people now sounds this. Then there's nothing. China's. It's okay. Three hundred eighties. Sitting minus. Has the period its. Street. And remind me. This morning. ABC news news. Which is basically it's China cabinet since when thousands like China on someone people. Together tennis. Thirty has not been coming to go vote. Seven years. I find it the best way to. Countless meetings. In this group lone gunman was speaking at the Jamie. Talk to him. Do you think. I'm and that was worth while leaving Missouri River. You know that in addition. So that he meant what he. File. It's been here. When you have comes into the settings changed tonight it was president. Of course it does it many times Karen accomplishing things simply be opening a dialogue. But deeply rooted dialogue and a career high school buses. A member of congress. CEOs want him to Pennsylvania. Getting out of our locals. We're waiting. A month ago didn't it is in a slightly surreal setting his and is on the run up a mountain. Here it's all around. People and it's. And it's a different tastes. It's just continues on its I don't know yeah. Yeah. Here in house and Heinz. Places that could be isolated and allow you to bring is we do here senator good money here mark. OK but ABC news just like to know that you were here I'd. Senator yeah. We're together. But. The real. Feeling burned me. And without words on broadcast and as a result people. They believe. Last night okay. Brilliantly yeah. John. The impact of the migration. Zero. Ordinarily. But it's important for her. And it was helpful and easy. Thank you very much. Join us thank you. So ladies saw that. Send us. An abundance of tennis constant in industry US and as you can also be TV. Two prime minister is on its visa Soledad is an ass. And and it got severity and uses the dynamic of this place does that mean life. Its people. A busy. Close. I'm in every inning and take time this injuries. Interestingly it was about money in the district and make him look and eliminate keep going. Okay. It's important to Lexington. The size so common areas and in the way and tell us who expressed. The west rather Wexler of economic harm to their badges for increased presence a hierarchy of batches and denies the most powerful budget is quite well. Which basically allow you to go any very very. Campbell and feeling very very VIPs. It's analyst at orange prices thank you done and then when you come in as the soldiers stand and said he wanted to him. Okay. Qwest does mean this decision to prevent. Seen. Things night. Four and debate fossil fuel future is shaping the future of health. Public citizen and you know is closing the generation no doubt this is things I 21 century dream this sort of language in Dallas in Akron and it's very much. Out people express house hits during the tunnels and does he fleeting and honestly right. Com that happens as a private conversations definitely winnable and music and ninety got out safe just. And in space. Besides all and common areas and also these other smaller room. Bilateral meetings I mean that's you know out of the business is going on. U. Oh. I. And aspirins and isn't just passing through that. Eyes on had a chance to have to have isn't this book deals remain and so the peace agreements bring some looting many attempts in the Los and I'm and it and now. It took minutes he looms agreed to Ukraine. Up to their families and businesses that are very little that they made it. And because. Then. Yes what. To Saddam Hussein knows what happened and events and do some medicine. Side this is the scene of a company. It is us didn't elect a punk ethos of this building. Senator. Yet this is the main area as the main lobby take. Says are saying this of language of Dallas yeah. The team that was this there is the fourth industrial revolution. Which they define as basically meaning. It. Basically. The impacts of technological and ponds as having. Massive sweeping changes particularly on the on the economy but now almost every aspect of our lives. Unites Clinton. It's been lodged slightly vague phrase that. Than many people didn't even seriously sometimes. That created the prime minister moving into the Cameron. And it's I think things joked about that it the idea is still see him speak beach thinking is that I didn't and it's. Cause of both industrial revolution. Very much that it. In that sense of news and revitalization. An artificial intelligence. There are displays around the conference center despondent and this is. In Rhode. Beating the Financial Times business this is. Mostly. Some of those things business. And so part of we'll lesser evidence in the simplicity. And mentions. A lot of his intentions. Excellent the impact and I'm going. On manufacturing. Almost all areas. Even in human resources and recruitment of outside. Is that the idea is that they have these displays and there's some. Who have the team be surrounded by a now we didn't talk to people in the World Economic Forum is always climate change CBC news this Stacy. It is in this elections. Using this as a man is on its condescending views EC coral reefs. London England minus one and in some places it's about loans. Economic crisis business in the big thing. Right now. There's a lot of uncertainty. I didn't on the dollars and around an ounce and these because the city because of the stock market slumps. Plus days. Residents of this isn't the main subjects in the discussing at the moment. The last thing to show you. It's just this isn't here yeah likeness. When a name that's his only. Coming from has thus provide a platform and incentives. Just that you saw an excuse. It's just today back to back. Prime minister written did capital. His vision found written inside the European Union and outs of indication. Do you come back. Saying he believes he could negotiate isn't it. Just like when she. He's a spike NG about making it. About I think he didn't think we'd have to stay in your news and news. An agreement. And then Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel in the city. Colors and the crisis around and saying as the company's news. Some news release and anything very warm words. The American relations. Something. He felt in the next few months. US and its. An agent into June as you practice tourism. Plans but I don't just give me a bit of an idea what it's like inside the world economic formula resistance again. And in the scale. And you know it definitely isn't meetings you can have over I'm touchy legal thing ABC digital. They metals producers.

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{"id":36422161,"title":"Behind The Scenes at the World Economic Forum ","duration":"12:40","description":"ABC News' Patrick Reevell tours the conference hall in Davos.","url":"/International/video/scenes-world-economic-forum-36422161","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}