Secretary Kerry in Seoul as Nuke Tensions Rise

Secretary of state says U.S. would welcome six-party talks in dealing with North Korea.
1:57 | 04/12/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Secretary Kerry in Seoul as Nuke Tensions Rise
Secretary of state John Kerry is in South Korea and warns the north not to test fire a missile that could reach -- Amid increasing North Korean threat and now new questions about the north's nuclear capabilities. ABC's lot of -- is in South Korea with an update. The tense standoff continues here on the Korean Peninsula as secretary of state John Kerry arrived in Seoul. Trying to tread a fine line between reminding Pyongyang to end dictator that the US would defend its allies if needed. North Korea. Will not be accepted. As a nuclear power. But Kerry also brought a more gentle diplomacy. Saying the US would welcome six party talks mirroring one of the biggest development here in South Korea as president park indicated she's now willing to talk as well. But perhaps the biggest question was of North Korea's nuclear capabilities. Which had -- pentagon scrambling to downplay a Defense Intelligence Agency report that said with moderate confidence. The north currently has nuclear weapons capable of -- by ballistic missiles turns out that report was mistakenly declassified. General a -- would you agree with that assessment by DIA. I'm not -- I can't touch that -- Today -- minimize the idea that North Korea was currently prepared to use nuclear weapon. It is inaccurate to suggest that the DP RK has fully tested developed or demonstrated capabilities. That are articulated in that report does -- get to closer to a line that is more dangerous yes. While over in the north behind all the bluster these female soldiers -- about their business in heels. Another society used to the threats of war. And the United States does not have a direct line of communications North Korean leader Kim got -- and it is seemed to me that secretary Kerry was speaking directly to him. Think people are desperate for food not missile launches one -- that ABC news Seoul South Korea.

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{"id":18942773,"title":"Secretary Kerry in Seoul as Nuke Tensions Rise","duration":"1:57","description":"Secretary of state says U.S. would welcome six-party talks in dealing with North Korea.","url":"/International/video/secretary-kerry-in-seoul-as-nuclear-tensions-rise-18942773","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}