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Sole Survivor of ISIS Militant Attack Recounts Horror From Hospital Bed

Man discusses what happened to his family and fellow villagers the day ISIS took control of his village.
5:31 | 08/22/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sole Survivor of ISIS Militant Attack Recounts Horror From Hospital Bed
But what about those -- use of on devices that find themselves sold the races of the terrible events they've witnessed one -- -- -- from Northern Iraq. Tells Newsnight of the day his village nation -- was surrounded by ice is medicines they rounded up the man shot them. And thank them -- mass rough streets -- who escapes. -- -- being shops and walks twelve hours to find safety. He had -- for the thousands of this summit villages disappears he told his story to yelled hacking. -- Hospitals in Northern Iraq -- struggling to cope with the influx of both wounded civilians and military personnel. As Kurdish and Iraqi soldiers tried to push back against the -- -- offensive -- -- daily skin issues. -- in the largest hospital in Joseph cool way to many of the wounded of course this is the emergency room I've seen a number of passionate as soldiers being treated. This is also where they both victims of the recent massive head -- you. Rough it saved a -- -- -- five times during domestic out of no Muslims by highest militants in the village and he seemed job. At least eighteen -- the minority is -- staked -- rounded up and shocked it. Women and children were abducted. And -- -- this year shuttle which IO that is Salem was an awful lot of whom police -- Donald. Mushroom and ending up on -- jewel -- tell -- enough. My and then welcome she'll let on that what I had a valuable. But didn't -- -- -- -- -- had enough fuel on the age and I didn't meanwhile home which someone had him myopia. Did you and its annual image and -- and Oklahoma that last -- logical cushy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- My son and you know my -- again -- in this London got its name and an Islamic Jihad. What I -- me and you slogan and a flat. Wednesday with surrounding you in you'll -- -- what was happening what were they telling you. My how the out of -- from. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Did not rule. Now -- -- create a humiliate quite a modular Chris yeah and enough. Old lesson that left at W machine lesson we -- lack. Got left my idea quickly she may need you more -- I cannot an -- -- somebody like Samuel. You on the Yale daily join up and Jonathan even as she is adequate home so less pain and to shuttle -- -- -- Jamal and the mother us it's and is Salomon is like -- five Clinton. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- My -- appreciate it publicly -- and -- While. 31 of this I. Got -- not -- on -- -- electrical. And -- -- -- jobless data out. -- in the Israeli. So I didn't an equally out of -- out -- how movie doesn't even have -- -- -- this. Uneven is that yeah this the the Bob I I'm -- -- -- I did the board. Wendell and I'd hostage radio described the -- sickens -- Photo by John -- on on -- in. My Teddy and alana. And sure enough and -- head. Apple in a -- I said he looked out of time. Patty can survive. On the end and the nab someone on the thought god coming at a job and an end -- to -- -- run into enough -- A coming to an added. Vanessa how no problem -- -- but -- he definitely had done it play in -- Kelly -- what's the opposite side issuing marriage before being. Actually aside agent -- of disaster solicit -- men had to a million -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Russert told me -- -- for about twelve Alice finally -- announcing just in the dead of night. He stays between fourteen and fifty of the villages who was rounded up with you. Died in New Mexico. And Manuel family the rest of you -- -- -- -- Mother taught ally had less in this one has so my do my due to pneumonia -- -- decision until late joining an Islamic Jihad -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Do you know what happened to life and your children models -- -- on the -- handle my -- -- -- -- What will you do now. Silly mom of the depreciation. And about a man. Oh -- -- that he doesn't happen. And. And they -- on the island you know the time. Nothing came speaking there to -- sole survivor.

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{"id":25092681,"title":"Sole Survivor of ISIS Militant Attack Recounts Horror From Hospital Bed","duration":"5:31","description":"Man discusses what happened to his family and fellow villagers the day ISIS took control of his village.","section":"International","mediaType":"Default"}