South Africa Votes in First Election after Nelson Mandela's Death

ANC expected to win again despite losing support among young voters.
3:00 | 05/07/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for South Africa Votes in First Election after Nelson Mandela's Death
Now -- and lining up in the first elections since the death of Nelson Mandela. And the party that broke through a -- -- losing support right now the international hot spot South Africa. Hello everyone I'm Michelle Franzen in New York twenty years after Nelson Mandela won the first election after apartheid south Africans today casting their ballots. But the party that has been in power ever sense is losing support the African National Congress the party up now Nelson Mandela. Accused of corruption and not doing enough economically for the country. Some voters casting empty ballots in protest still by all projections the ANC expected to easily win again. The BBC's Andrew Harding has this report on elections in South Africa. They began queuing here even -- -- Many still loyal and grateful to the party that helped liberate South Africa and is being in power and -- It's. Called freedom of speech. At several -- that tough policy UT's. And we're normal what she complexities that we we have been reduced to just let students -- -- -- -- -- be voting today for. -- religious but of the movement of Nelson Mandela -- of the ANC Nortel toppled. Which explains why president Jacob Zuma pitching here and will almost certainly keep his job despite being accused of corruption. The DNC is starting to lose ground the army moved into this impoverished township -- Bryant's yesterday. In troubled communities like this -- -- optimism of twenty years ago has evaporated. To be replaced by cynicism frustration and increasingly. By violence. These teenagers say they took part in yesterday's protests about half of whom -- young south Africans to -- who police. Is struggling to find work. Since. Zuma -- media. -- -- not good but club should. She's pregnant a -- and he didn't he host and up keeping in place of -- -- -- residents in institutions you can go to been hiding it should be giving nations to lead us. And there are plenty of parties vying for power splitting the opposition -- Some promise an end to corruption others complained that too much of the economy remains in white hands. It coordinating. A south African minister comes from can compete. Genius -- them to form a man who was facing some changes. -- -- yet. His promises to seize white owned land and nationalized much of the economy. Quoting what he's not. Because we don't we thought -- go to -- don't -- -- won't -- We do. In the west people are very scared you think going on a demagogue in the making and we'll tell in this country into another Zimbabwe -- -- I'm reform. And start to -- Google's -- outside. And so political position he's -- as people grow tired of corruption and alarmingly high unemployment. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm plenty of frustrated ANC supporters who were considering a protest -- -- Mean quite what we condemn you didn't know quite what would -- -- today. I'm -- assigned to them that I am yourself what what it is I'm did I think that the -- mutuality. And that's a common view here. The DA and CPC using its way but may not look beyond redemption. And yet it's also clear that many south Africans hope -- to -- to twenty years to receive. Given -- agency holding its final campaign rally here -- much of the credit. The puck up and -- Olympian but people -- hypothetical creek and now I'm working. Let's look and see what. All -- studied. And. It is very difficult to argue -- these numbers -- may have its problems but it has. The power of the state behind -- and the enduring loyalty of millions of south. And so president Jacob Zuma brushes off corruption allegations. Promises more jobs and investment. And prepares for something close to -- And throwing -- Harding BBC news center. And of course you can keep up with all of this and the story in real time by downloading the ABC news -- You can also -- the story for exclusive updates on the -- you've been watching international hot -- for now on Michelle -- in New York.

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{"id":23625394,"title":"South Africa Votes in First Election after Nelson Mandela's Death","duration":"3:00","description":"ANC expected to win again despite losing support among young voters.","url":"/International/video/south-africa-votes-election-nelson-mandelas-death-23625394","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}