Is Giant Flagpole Creating Nation Envy?

Tajikistan's 541-foot pole has other nations scrambling to be No. 1.
2:56 | 01/11/12

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Transcript for Is Giant Flagpole Creating Nation Envy?
Yeah there are a lot of random records in the Guinness book of world records there's thousands of armed molester silly like the largest collection of traffic comes I didn't know that there is a record for -- All in my estimate PLO -- all let me actor's -- to a record for the world's largest flag -- sounds pretty silly as well -- -- -- Tajikistan on is a matter of national pride here's ABC's Ron Claiborn. You may not have noticed it went -- -- -- record setting 541. Foot tall flagpole was officially unveiled last August. But for seven million tragic it was a very big deal. -- receiving an official from the Guinness book of world records on hand to certified to really get a sense of how tall this flag pole list. You have to get up as close to it as you can. And look up. In a country where the per capita income is less than a thousand dollars a year. It may seem odd for the government to spend a reported forty million dollars on a -- The Tajikistan flag -- eclipsed the old record held by Azerbaijan another former Soviet republic in Central Asia Azerbaijan expended a lot of pomp and circumstance. And a lot of money for a flag pole that held the -- title. For just one year and that was just the latest installment in what amounts to competitive flag pole -- -- Before Azerbaijan. This flag pole and Turkmenistan with a tallest. And before them these two both in Jordan which in turn broke the record once held by Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. All of -- flag -- were built flight one constant flight this supports. This is located in Dubai but owned and run by two Americans. One of them is David chambers. We always tell our clients -- we're not building the flag Cold War. The record books in they're very majestic they're national monuments all by themselves. Chambers and his partner are former defense contractors who stumbled onto the idea of building really tall flag poles. When an Emory eighty sheik asked him to build the one in Abu Dhabi they had to learn from scratch how to do it. And now they love. I'm one. Happy with guys being in this business and I feel the same right that they did. -- -- -- -- -- Tajikistan to world record probably won't last long -- and is in talks to build even taller black holes and five other countries. Malaysia Russia Saudi Arabia Iraq. And Nigeria. For some strange reason all of those countries want bears to be the exact same height 544. Feet tall. Three feet taller than Tajikistan flexible but that would mean there would be five tallest flag poles in the world instead of just one. A attempting target for someone somewhere else to build. You guessed it an even taller flag -- Ron Claiborne ABC news Duchamp -- Tajikistan.

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{"id":15338518,"title":"Is Giant Flagpole Creating Nation Envy?","duration":"2:56","description":"Tajikistan's 541-foot pole has other nations scrambling to be No. 1.","url":"/International/video/tajikistan-has-worlds-tallest-flagpole-15338518","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}