Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Stripped of Most Executive Powers

The Toronto city council votes to strip the mayor of most powers in wake of crack smoking scandal.
3:00 | 11/18/13

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Transcript for Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Stripped of Most Executive Powers
This is a special room. And then that's a New York with the CBC news digital special report. Well they can't get him out of office so the Toronto the Toronto City Council is doing the next best thing. Stripping. Crack smoking mayor rob Ford of almost all his powers slicing his budget essentially reducing him to a figurehead. You're looking at a live City Council meeting is happening right now for though not without allies here's counselor Giorgio normally. -- -- -- Not a speaker after I'm looking at legal advice. I've come to realize that it is not in my best interest. As a councilor to vote on anything today at -- final stages. That I will be making some amendments are trying to make it amendments to make this matter legal. And I will stand in and speak to that effect but I will not -- part of this illegal meeting. -- right. And so the mayor's brother Doug also voted against those penalties. It's -- in the -- could discuss on their new TV show that program beginning tonight. -- -- About the drug test of alcohol test rate now. What a promotion for that every concert do -- -- You know what. They -- thought they don't want anything to do with it and with our last counts -- is -- -- drinking after a book on the next -- yes absolutely. I don't wanna do that's not -- -- You know what I know people party on the side I know. Lawyers doctors everybody will have a good time you know is anybody look -- ending the -- That's an elderly and I hear there's a third yeah then move on it and see who comes forward and it doesn't. So and ask a request there for all console members drug tests. With that we are joined by Toronto sun City Hall bureau chief Don -- Don thanks for joining us today. Our eyes to what is today's vote what's essentially gonna take away from Ford that it has -- -- taken away. So based put it take away in the greater. Out of the park Erma -- -- -- people -- eight. And also be losing most of it -- budget. Sort of basically be married name only. After today he still will be able to restore our current event. -- would be the city's PLO but he won't. Be running the -- in -- won't be hearing it. He holds the title but he won't hold the budget anymore. Exact. So counselor Doug -- he challenged the proceedings today I want to listen to what he said. As he showed up to work every day and -- -- his job. As counselor. The -- Larry disruptions. Those inquiries about one of the accountability officers two officers to be reviewing if there's an issue I'm glad you said -- thank you for answering the question. Because what it should be the complaint should be well through the city's integrity commissioner. Rather than this kangaroo court do you not agree. That's not a question for me to agree with not then who who is a task. Approached us -- this council if there's a code of conduct should be going through the right -- us. It shouldn't be happening with equipment with I'm getting to my question thank you. OK don't crazy about your opponent you got your -- couldn't -- much. Saddam let me ask you about they -- he's -- his own issues who was he referring to an -- what was he referring to. I kept in order to persecute them but only 22. Earlier this -- was. In he's like police wrote -- -- -- getting treated latent tension harper. What -- what he blew on the Bret brought about by. He wasn't charged. With impaired driving but he did get -- suspension so rather than -- it. The councilor -- that. Interestingly enough the mayor but I comment that -- Actually in mind. Drunk driving at -- trying to push his buttons as well you're -- here. Pretty heated and the meeting already have a better there's still -- -- no question that I haven't actually got here. Speeches and debate on the matter. It really has gotten to be very contentious in Toronto. Explain a little bit about the the City Council -- is forward is still the head of the council right and if he is. Why couldn't he just cut this vote off. He derives his power and a lot of our own counsel. He he has the power to call calculating. He didn't empower the partner. And account for meeting. And this meeting actually was called by a majority of city councilors. -- enough of them get together they actually. Ken overpowered them -- and a lot of inspiration -- -- -- -- that happened and what what about. Actually outside of Toronto is there another power in the province. Of Ontario -- could intervene in this. We're live here could intervene. There on that -- it hasn't done that yet -- any clear. The business said the city would actually pretty dull they would have -- -- city itself without the copy work. Before you get involved and -- need a clear signal from council I think a lot of counselors there hasn't been -- the province. Candidate this year because. They think they can do what they hear them. And now they don't want. Go to that level government. Asking them to intervene because Aaron kind of they feel. -- their level of government. The mayor -- a pretty public appearance Sunday in his favorite. Piece of outerwear and what happened. The matter and it led startup of the -- not -- it was Indians but Hamilton tiger cap. Little Canadian football non American football. And he got -- the game it is kind of -- there are served by a lot of people but I think you Google book and they get engaged. Fair haired jabs from a lot of football then there. He definitely would come mauled by people wanting to get a picture would only be -- -- -- You know trying to be a part of this ongoing. Political story that he's morally pure reality TV period that -- And Don last April -- together what has been the reaction obviously -- Pulitzer talked to on the street because they know this is sort of played out of the past couple of days. When the story first broke I think a lot of people in Toronto and sure around the world were very surprised about this now. Is there a sense of exasperation that decision is done and over with -- to hear about this. Played that great and I think a lot of people are shocked. Key hasn't been chain but it hasn't. Hasn't kind of come forward and stepped aside at least temporarily. To do a lot of these purple achieved and repugnant. Take -- speed up the story. But you know I think people are shocked. That he's done this thing is that he's admitted there and that there have been more shocked by the allegations that are still out there. -- the world following along that -- Car crash of this story. I think -- you're right people are tired of it they're tired of probably a joke around the world. Certainly all eyes are on Toronto right now as we are waiting to see how this will all unfold Don. We do have a complete report right here on ABC news dot confidant -- that's -- New York with this ABC news digital special report.

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{"id":20928283,"title":"Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Stripped of Most Executive Powers","duration":"3:00","description":"The Toronto city council votes to strip the mayor of most powers in wake of crack smoking scandal.","url":"/International/video/toronto-mayor-rob-ford-stripped-executive-powers-20928283","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}