Wingsuit Flying World Champion Crowned

South Africa's Julian Boulle wins first championship held in China's Hunan Province.
3:00 | 10/18/12

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Transcript for Wingsuit Flying World Champion Crowned
Well winging it gets a whole -- meeting with a white knuckle competition in central China took a look these extreme -- Their job but -- -- want to know high mountain and in the first when he assumed flying world championship. Wow this is for me to death defying fires including six from the US zoning all without dizzying landscape and popping -- parachutes -- -- I don't. Thankfully what folks like this I don't try this ever only twenty wings to fly as well why are qualified to even join this competition but it looks particularly. Was so popular that there's a competition championship let us now exactly what is only twenty -- -- and so it really doesn't take home. I'm no arms and land lives. I can -- -- to watch don't wanna do.

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{"id":17511651,"title":"Wingsuit Flying World Champion Crowned","duration":"3:00","description":"South Africa's Julian Boulle wins first championship held in China's Hunan Province.","url":"/International/video/wingsuit-flying-world-champion-crowned-17511651","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}