The Wrap: 4/17/14

Ferry captain among First to abandon ship, diplomats urge end to Ukraine violence, Anniversary of West Texas explosion.
2:14 | 04/17/14

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Transcript for The Wrap: 4/17/14
Bad weather hampers the frantic search for survivors on that sunken -- -- South Korea now finger pointing at the captain. 146. -- would -- -- -- we're learning that -- captain was among the first to leave the ship. Saying he's really sorry and deeply exchange. Anguished parents are demanding answers. Our deepest condolences to families -- all those. We've seen their loved ones lost we. Agreed today that all. Illegal armed groups must be bizarre. Frightening and escalating tensions in Ukraine three pro Russian militants. Killed by Ukrainian troops the first death as Ukraine tries to take control 300. Man. Armed with stun grenade accident Molotov cocktails trying to -- Ukrainian military -- And we will never forget the names for the stories of those -- that we lost Terry. William who can reach. And they will live on in the world we begin. Here today to repair the world this new world. Will be. Their legacy. Does -- intercepts store or NYSE anyway and the communications of news. And. We have to always remember. -- those fallen plus bond. But and and it's and remember the family plus -- do you have a fantastic story. Story of rebuilding in this town -- remarkable time. Authorities in Oregon are draining -- this reservoir used for drinking water all because surveillance cameras caught a man. Using a reservoir as a year -- all 38 million gallons of water for that city of Portland are now going to waste -- -- President Obama standing by to welcome participants in the wounded warrior project and then to bring attention to the men and women returning home from years of combat. To get this party started.

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{"id":23370299,"title":"The Wrap: 4/17/14","duration":"2:14","description":"Ferry captain among First to abandon ship, diplomats urge end to Ukraine violence, Anniversary of West Texas explosion.","url":"/International/video/wrap-41714-23370299","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}