Yvonne the Cow to Become Hollywood Star


Yvonne even ignored the attentions of a black ox called Ernst, so good-looking that he was dubbed a "George Clooney among cattle." He was brought to the forest to lure her out, and his sonorous baritone echoed around the trees, but she stayed away.

As the weeks passed, she grew wilder and her hide became more furry. One tracker said she was reverting to a wild beast, and relying on instincts that had evolved in cattle over millions of years to find food and water.

Happy Ending

She was finally caught on Sept. 2 by a local farmer who lured her into a field. She put up a heroic fight but was tranquilized and taken to a Gut Aiderbichl site in Deggendorf, Bavaria.

Her new hosts say they will have gone to great lengths to let her live out her days in comfort, with top-quality food and her very own paddock. To make the story perfect, she has even been reunited with her family.

"She is doing very well," said Freitag. "We have brought in her second son, Orky, to Deggendorf. He will join her and her other son Friesi."

But that bittersweet yearning for the wild will always remain in her, it seems. "She is very lively and temperamental, and bucks around a lot," says Freitag. "But she has shown no signs of wanting to escape again."

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