Hurry Up Royal Baby: Myths Vs. Facts for Naturally Inducing Labor


"There are a whole bunch of things that have to come into play perfectly for a woman to go into labor and we don't totally understand all of them right now," Ashton said. "I think they're definitely worth a shot and there are definitely times when obstetricians or midwives will recommend these things to patients."

Mind over matter may be a contributing factor, according to Gecsi.

"I had a patient once whose husband was a long-distance truck driver and [when I saw her] cervix, I thought, 'For sure this woman is going to go into labor,'" Gecsi said. "And she was like, 'No, I can't deliver until he's back.' And by golly, the day after he came back she went into labor."

"Sometimes it's just a matter of being relaxed and being calm, being ready, making sure everything is all together and that you've prepared because there's a lot of mind over body stuff that I personally think makes a little bit of difference."

As far as Kate Middleton goes, Prince William's out-of-town charity polo match has been played and a nursery somewhere is surely ready, but maybe an outing to Brick Lane for some Indian food wouldn't hurt.

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