Mash-Up Passover Recipes That Are So 2014

VIDEO: Modern Recipes to Celebrate Passover

Your entire life Passover has been a Groundhog Day repeat of gefilte fish and brisket. Join the 21st century with these updated mash-up holiday dishes from We’re talking lasagna made with matzah, AKA matzagna. Genius, we know. Click through for that recipe and three more modernized classics.

PHOTO: Tasting Tables Matzah Tacos
Todd Coleman/Tasting Table

Don’t worry, your meal can still include brisket. This time, though, it’s to stuff matzah meal tacos for a fun, casual starter.

PHOTO: Tasting Tables Matzagna
Todd Coleman/Tasting Table

This is one of those recipes that makes you wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself. Like we said, matzah + lasagna = genius.

PHOTO: Tasting Tables Matzah Shortbread and Charoset Compote
Todd Coleman/Tasting Table

Charoset deserves so much more than just plain matzah. Jazz it up a bit with no-flour shortbread cookies.

PHOTO: Tasting Tables Manischewitz Granita
Todd Coleman/Tasting Table

Everyone loves to hate on Manischewitz while secretly hoping it will be at the seder every year. Delight your guests with this more sophisticated frozen take.

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