Sandwich of the Week: Seafood Club at Dallas' Pier 247


The Dallas city motto is “Big things happen here,” and that adage is certainly applicable to this week’s Sandwich of the Week, Pier 247’s triple seafood club, which takes its cue from its host city’s zeal for large menu offerings. It’s loaded with housemade shrimp salad, lump crab cake, bacon, romaine, and tomatoes, seasoned with a spicy remoulade and served on multiple layers of sourdough toast.

Pier 247 is new to the Dallas culinary scene, having opened in the beginning of this year, but it didn’t take long for the buzz over this colossal sandwich to hit the internet. In February, Lauren Drewes Daniels of The Dallas Observer made special mention of it in her write up of the eatery, noting the club’s size and deliciousness: “The first bite is the hardest, unless you're one of those people with an unusually large mouth… It's a two-hand situation, and once you start in on it, you won't want to put it down because you'll mess up the balance of the universe.” Just last week, the lunch and dinner menu item scored the number three spot on Zagat’s 9 Best Sandwiches in Dallas list, in which Farah Fleurima called it “an oceanside break from the classic club sandwich.” If the triple seafood club lives up to even half the hype that surrounds it, it sounds like a must-eat for seafood lovers living in or visiting Dallas.

Kate Kolenda is the Restaurant/City Guide Editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter  @BeefWerky   and  @theconversant .

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