Danielle LaPorte on her new book 'White Hot Truth'

ABC News' Amna Nawaz interviews Danielle LaPorte about her new book, "White Hot Truth."
12:07 | 05/18/17

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Transcript for Danielle LaPorte on her new book 'White Hot Truth'
Hey guys on the about here live in New York well he is a member of one of Oprah Winfrey's super sol 100 and the author. The brand new book white hot truth and now the port joins us live here in studio thank you so much for being here and congratulations on the banks it's a good weekend it is a good week indeed your son title for the book is clarity for keeping it real in your spiritual path. From one seeker to actually about the. Hands. This is about being on the path to being better. And the addiction to self improvement and I'm pretty sure that you know Strasser angry at getting better is not what being whole as about. And I noticed in my online just. It was all of it. Pretty meditation on my to do list and you know then the retreat in the pro teens say they green in the creative like my spirituality is not to do list. I really want liberation MS is not what it looks like. Then used the story and it's such an important point 800 people feel that right that they know. They're supposed to be doing things make themselves feel better or be better or do better. But that in an of itself can feel it dop. The seat that's an extra people in here on how they can help solve is that right I mean that there really the thesis of this is that. The best self help self compassion. That you are your own group room. And I really think it's not so much it. How you seek you can read scripture in that span class he can hit the yoga mat. He can print whatever way you wanna pray it's about why you seek. And that. It can't be about external motivation. And getting points for it you know what I call your cosmic council. Or your god or your yoga teacher whatever side about. Being the best for somebody else it's got to come from and inspired place it's gotta be about resonance and you want to do these things because they let you up. The feelings are getting value. It's it's not a to do us here. Called. Talk about some of the specific ideas you mean here they found them. Absolutely fascinating you talk about. The search for spiritual clarity. That self improvement as a whole as well and then this one word true which I think it's what a lot of people. Are seeking these days and you write the true wisdom usually holds an transcends opposing points of view if you can comfortably. Hold your paradoxes. You're going to be just fine when he mean by. I mean you know from my most enlightened moments. Of the times and having greens community. And a cigarette. In the arts and my friends like DD. It's neutrally kind of canceling itself started. Sometimes it's up complete and utters you know purity of mind and focus of practice. And then other times you just have to connect trash it happened. Chips and honey trashing weekend. And it can be about forgiveness and it can be outrage. And it can be about tolerance and it can be about intolerance and you know you're moving towards justice. And wholeness is everything and and I think one wave that sort of new apes because done us wrong. Is it gets us into this mindset that it's all about harmony and it's all. Tolerance. And circus act anonymity and life really isn't it's. It's anchors and it's messy and it's imbalance and it's imperfect parenting. And when he embrace those things he actually get to that peaceful place and that that everybody's cravings then yeah that's the part about getting real. He spears. To. It's like you're giving people permission to be themselves to cut themselves some slack if you're not reaching that goal every day it's okay he's right yeah. And yeah I want you to get off your case and at the same time I'm all for devotion like. You need to have some form of contemplation and life in me and I want yelling get to that place of deep self love and self respect. So you get off and you go do something underground and you. Engage your spirituality whatever that means usually live meaningfully. Make the world a better place. I lighten up and get engaged them how do you know I mean and you sent life is about imbalance but there is some balance to be aimed for the right that you don't want. Too much of the rage and anger or are too much tolerance and act like hiking know where that healthy. And it. Pretty every parent whenever it's different every day like I think you know your body is always right your body you know. For your mind knows. Still it is so many times were denying what's going on our body we're not paying attention to how we're breathing. How are stress really is on a cellular levels are your body is like the key indicator. Yeah I think he need to give yourself permission to just feel that way you want to feel. Express how you feeling and like really make you feelings heart of the matter is government so many women in my last book. The desire map with all of vote. Claiming feelings as. Sort of a strategy on how you design your life and so many women with say my feelings matter I think. Are your feelings matter when you negotiating your contract. And we standing up and pitching in the boardroom. Yet it's it's the heart of the matter area. Which as early because I feel like a lot of the conversation today especially for women. Asks us to divorce ourselves from our emotions at the right emotionally why the are weak here you're you're seeing today yet and that's become you know feelings have become apologized actually especially in. Through the corporate Medea. And your feelings are what keep you alive they are what keep your instincts char there what you know this is how you know whether you're moving to words. Healthy choices are and healthy choices it. And it's really our strength especially as famine and identify creatures. Like let our hearts lead the way out you know you've got have you chops. Do your homework have a sharp and lacked you know make sure is likely thinking but part first. Engaged and lacks a second. Viewing our first there's another phrase here that you use that a lot of spiritual glamour. And you say and you just can't do that night pilot was elated as you right you're special. But not bad that's tell us why that it important for. Because as late as as a bit of an up into the into the new space and it's way. He now I've practiced for years if you he. Carmen non Wanda. And in and that's like someone's way of saying I'm cool. I've been time and mine and it's this kind of spiritual superiority trip. And I not because I've done act and you know assault. I did that and I'm 90% on line in Jen my experience and a banana and actually it's really divisive. Nobody likes it this kind of do she actually separates you from everybody else. It claims you know you want in connection. But really just putting up barriers. And competition to write that I ordered spiritual thing others in some way. And I think what happens for a lot of people who identify as being on a spiritual path that he is that we start to compare ourselves with other people's practices. And Mac Hester took lemon just feeds that so. Is you don't my friend is going to Mario my friend is that the yen. My friends went to the ten day Buddhist retreats and I'm having hard time just sitting. Performance of forget my kids to school got kind of practice that's yours right now consulate looked it just got my lesson just spirituality today. Look obviously millions of people turn to you every day for your check but I. I keep it that signature kind of script that they're written me at all you answer I think when you're coming all the time can I get I'm like that's me right. Again just. But is that something you had always done for you or for others like how did that practice come about that you were writing the. These are. It was the early days of my web say it's. And I just sometimes it just have to generate a blockages news one liner it should and that a friend Wendi so that's why I as a trees on his right. That's what I'll call these cash tank at an apartment tactics. And then just writing this plan and be distinct. Going to be easy just to. As to Graham and Nikko and then. Turn in this thing it is fitting in the amber and millions of people dean's path favorites among you have to active. To have been spent all your Arizona children you can pick favorites and I can't chemistry with yeah. But my all time favorite can't see the word here. Because it's about one classless but it is give and has. I actually did it get so great is it okay to care that show up everyday and he. Hair it what we would every is you're doing intense. Yes and also who reminds you of who you. Great question me and you know who reminds you of that you are. Alive thirteen counts and yet I can't talk about much of that coming. You know they have it all I just. You know he's just love and he's he's he's kind in his Koreans yeah he reminds me from hand he keeps merely Q so I'm not impressed. By any of this it up that's not an easy candidate. And a and I was having him around and is threatening earth like. Well he hurts me an answer them. But I think it's just slightly up. That's pretty. Okay on discipline. Can be wildly but very. Super saver. Because of a paradox it. Parents says the double on tundra when it. Yes the power of focus and yet this thing he sit down you're devoted to keep your eye on the prize. It's his fuel that is freedom there him. In some ways it's funny the book is almost like an argument against self well right as there. But it is that it ain't time self help book again so how do you explain it to people what he won't be able to get. You know what. Will use the word earlier commission and I feel like it's a permission slip that I don't really need to give you but I want you feel relieved that you're gonna think about. All the money wasted on workshops. And all the money you spent that was like a value and I think about the silly things the embarrassing things. The thing you know the shaman and the psychic and the astrologers and some of the things that really broke Q and and help you get clear. And what I want to see is like you not like this new age loser. It's all part of being on the path. And these things are negotiations and you don't you never get off the spiritual path blue it's. At the end of the day. It's you are saying you have to make the calm it's. It's like a cellular level knowing which direction you're gonna go nobody else has cancer. Group nine Iraq buying him minister. Not any check unanswered ran. Its U. Good points. And four in the book is way hot true that available actually a ticket for being here thinking. And thanks to all of you for watching as well or you can always good abcnews.com. For more for now mom and not about the accuracy and.

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{"id":47489623,"title":"Danielle LaPorte on her new book 'White Hot Truth'","duration":"12:07","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz interviews Danielle LaPorte about her new book, \"White Hot Truth.\"","url":"/Lifestyle/video/danielle-laporte-book-white-hot-truth-47489623","section":"Lifestyle","mediaType":"default"}