World's (Second) Toughest Job? Dad

Men audition for the role of "dad" and find out theres no script to
WATCH Dads Also Have the World's Toughest Job

A video that went viral around Mother's Day showed the world that moms definitely have the world's toughest job.

Remember the interviews for "Director of Operations" job?

Requirements included demands like standing up almost all the time, constantly exerting yourself and working from 135 to unlimited hours per week with no vacations, no time to sleep and no salary.

American Greetings, the company behind the Mother's Day video, has now released a new World's Toughest Job video in time for Father's Day. Because being a dad is no walk in the park either you know.

In the new video, fake auditions are being held for an acting job. The role: Dad.

There are a few laugh-out-loud moments, but the take away is that there's no script for being a good real-life dad.