• Sport Your Support

    In recognition of a donation of $20 or more to the Million Moms Fund, get a free Million Moms Challenge T-shirt for an adult or infant, courtesy of Johnson&Johnson.

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  • Eat Your Support

    Over 200 million children go hungry each day. Two Degrees, a food company that makes healthy, all-natural nutrition bars, is working to tackle that. For every bar you buy, Two Degrees gives away a food pack to a hungry child.

    Click here for a 10% discount on Two Degrees bars. Eat right and save lives in the process!

  • Wear Your Support

    Show the world that you're one in a million by wearing this delicate sterling silver charm of a mother and baby made by single moms in America. Created specifically for the Million Moms Challenge, each necklace we sell generates $10 to help moms overseas. The perfect gift for new moms or for your mom, this charm is a way to wear your support for mothers and babies around the world.

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  • Recycle Your Phone

    If we recycle just a small percentage of the 500,000 phones thrown away every day in this country, we can save thousands of lives. Give your phone a new life on the frontlines of global health. Hope Phones will recycle your old phone and buy new phones with the proceeds for moms, midwives, and health workers overseas.

    Click here to find out how.

  • Text4baby

    If you are pregnant, Text4baby provides 3 free text messages a week ??? tailored specifically to your due date ??? through the first year of your baby's life. Learn how your baby and your body is changing over the course of your pregnancy ??? and what you can do to ensure that your baby has the best chance at a healthy life.

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  • Join The Movement

    By signing up for the Million Moms Challenge, you are saying you believe that every mother in the world should have the right to a healthy pregnancy, a safe delivery, and a child who will survive and thrive.

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  • Tell Your Friends

    Let your friends know that you are One in a Million. If the health of mothers and babies is a priority for you - maybe it should be for them, too.

    Ask your friends to join with you in the "sisterhood of motherhood" today.

  • Donate

    Your donation ??? big or small ??? can make a difference. Click here to see how you can help save a life for the price of a latte.

  • Share Your Story

    Do you remember the moment your child was born? Every mother, every parent, has a birth story ??? and we want to hear yours. Was your delivery happy or sad? Frightening or funny? Quick and easy or painful and slow?

    Join the community of moms and dads sharing their birth stories around the world.

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Every 90 seconds a woman needlessly loses her life in pregnancy or childbirth. But 80% of these are preventable. Take action now:

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