Transcript: Interview With Hillary Clinton

Clinton: Well, I'm certainly not in this in this job. I feel like every day, every minute I have to make the most of. And I'm thrilled to be part of this administration, because I think we are making a difference. But that doesn't mean that I'm not looking forward at some point to maybe slowing down a little bit. Uh, having, uh … some time to, you know, just collect myself.

CM: Well, never is a long time. So I want to ask you again. You're never going to run for President again?

Clinton: I have absolutely no interest in running for President again. None. None. I mean, I know that's hard for some people to believe, but, you know, I just … I just don't, I feel like that was a great experience, uh … you know, I gave it all I had, I'm giving this job all I have. I try to live in the present, so it just seems, you know, that, uh … that's not in my future.

CM: So let me ask you about some other persistent rumors.

Clinton: (Laughs). Sure. (Laughs).

CM: We'll get to foreign policy in a minute. That you are frustrated at state, that you're going to step down and go back and run again for your seat for New York.

Clinton: No. I am neither frustrated nor planning anything other than being the best Secretary of State I could be.

CM: Governor of New York?

Clinton: No. (Laughs). No. I … I love the fact that, um, there's so much, uh … curiously about what I might do, but I'm so focused on what I am doing, I … I really can't, uh … imagine why anybody would have time to think about something in the future.

CM: You know, people also are endlessly fascinated with how you came to this position.

Clinton: Right.

CM: And I know you talked about it in general terms, we wondered if you might talk to us a little more specifically. I mean, I was on the campaign trail with you when you were campaigning for President Elect, then, Obama. Uh, well, not President Elect, Candidate Obama. Uh, when did you get the first indication that he might be interested in having you serve the administration?

Clinton: Well, I got no indication until after the election. And I didn't believe the indications that people were trying to (Laughs) tell me about, um … you know, I … I ran hard to get the nomination. I wasn't successful. You know, I'm one of these people like, okay, you wake up in the morning, you make the most out of the day you've got, I wanted to make sure that, uh … uh … Senator Obama because President Obama, so I went to work for him. And worked as hard as I could in the general election. And was thrilled at the idea that I was going back to the Senate to represent New York.

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