Nightline Playlist: Chris Daughtry

'Madman Across the Water'

But Daughtry, an aspiring musician, also finds inspiration in the classics. "Recently I started going back and listening to Elton John," said Daughtry. "The first record that I got, I think I was 20, and it was 'Tumbleweed Connection.'"

Referring to the 1971 classic, Daughtry explained his appreciation of John and one of his best-loved songs. "'Mad Man Across the Water' was definitely a song that made me really want to hear more about him and some of his older stuff and where it started with him."

'Remember When'

Daughtry, who is married, explained the significance of Alan Jackson's 2004 No. 1 single to his relationship with his wife. "There's a song that my wife will always call me when it's playing or vice versa and it's by Alan Jackson and it's called 'Remember When' and it's kind of what every married couple would want their life to turn out to."

'These Arms of Mine'

Daughtry also admires the vocal talents of the 60s-era deep soul singer Otis Redding. "Otis Redding -- 'These Arms of Mine,' something about the real subtlety of the way it breathes and, you know, allows the vocals to just stand out and his voice is just so unbelievable. I don't think anyone sings like that anymore."

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