Nightline Playlist: Kid Rock

'Sweet Home Alabama' and 'Back in Black'

There are a few songs that have stayed with Rock no matter where he is in his life or his career.

"My go-to records is always 'Sweet Home Alabama' by Lynyrd Skynyrd or 'Back in Black' by AC/DC," he said. "They just never fail. I mean, to me those have to be, like, two of the greatest songs ever written."

'Wrapped Up and Tangled Up in Jesus'

The Rev. Charlie Jackson only saw one album released in his lifetime, a collection of 18 songs recorded in the 1970s. The singer and guitar player who was also a pastor gave up blues music early in his career to focus on gospel music. The deeply soulful collection spoke to Kid Rock when he first heard it a few years ago.

"He's kind of like a blues-gospel-kind-of-thing guy. A girl gave me this CD a few years back. It's great," he said. "There's one where he talks about going fishing. You put the hook in the water, and he's talking about how he wished somebody would hook him someday. And then he says … Jesus got a hook in me, and I don't want to get loose. It's great."

Kid Rock is releasing a new album this month titled "Rock and Roll Jesus." This record, like his previous, is hard to define. It embraces many sounds, including even some soul and R&B.

"Well, the new record I have coming out, I've done so many styles of music," he explained, "and none of it has been contrived. It's always what's just musically in my heart. What I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it. It's literally a combination, a culinary of all those musical styles that I love.

"I call it rock and roll but there are always traces of hip-hop, of blues, there's a honky-tonk slammer on the end," he added. "There's some really deep soulful stuff. Music changes with your mood, so it depends where you're at. I mean, I've been influenced by everything."

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