GodTube Offers Internet Alternative

"You're going to be able to not only upload video, share and watch video but at the same time be able to speak in real time with people around the world in one of our chat rooms," Wyatt said. "You'll be able to go hear and attend an online church service or an online Bible study and you'll be able to hear, interact with and see those people."

Embracing Non-Christians

"Right now, what we have is primarily the teens and 20-somethings," Wyatt said. "Christians across America and actually around the world that are … already familiar with the technology have a passion about Christianity."

Wyatt, now 39, became a Christian about three years ago.

"You know, I finally got to that place in my life where I think a lot of people do, where they have that hole in their heart and they're trying to fill it up with everything but Jesus," Wyatt said. "I kind of came to the end of the search and you know I said, 'Mom, something's missing,' and she said, 'Absolutely. Your personal relationship with Jesus,' and that's how it happened."

Wyatt's hope is that GodTube, with its virtual services, funny music videos and social networking, will inspire others like himself to turn to Christianity.

Wyatt said he didn't make the site for Christians, but for nonbelievers, who he said are watching.

"We get e-mails every day. And that really is the whole point. It's to spread the Gospel to those who have not heard it. We have a number of different channels. One is called 'Non-Believers Seeking Answers,' and we have a number of atheists uploading videos asking questions about the faith and challenging us," Wyatt said. "We welcome that. That's really what the basis of GodTube.com is about."

But one of the dangers of reaching out on the Internet is that you never know what you might find -- including porn, predators and hate speech.

Yet Wyatt boasts that GodTube is "family friendly and kid safe." To live up to that slogan, GodTube has set up an elaborate security system: Absolutely everything is monitored, 24 hours a day, seven days a week by the "video police."

So far, there are 800,000 hours of uploaded video on GodTube, and almost 2 million people have logged on.

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