Matchmaker Claims to Have Inside Track on Love

"What would I put in the toaster?" Ross said. "I would put toast in the toaster."

"I'm sorry," Max said. "You lose again."

"How would I lose?" Ross asked.

"Bread," Max said. "Toast is what comes out. I'm sorry -- does it not feel good to lose?"

He talked about loving travel, she confessed to hating to fly. Later, he beat her in thumb wrestling.

So, was he a winner?

"We had a great time," Max said after the scheduled date came to a close. "Dinner was wonderful, we had great conversation. No awkward moments. Things were good, and we are going to continue the night out, so things went well."

Ross rated Max's attractiveness. "My first impression wasn't like, ahhh, let me bite the buttons off his shirt, per se -- but I'm thinking that maybe, if I gave him a chance, we could consider removing the shirt, at some point," she said. "But I would have to go on three or four dates to see if that would be possible. We are going to have a drink off-camera so that maybe I can get to know him and see if maybe that 'sparkilicious' feeling can come into play."

Heller saw a chance.

"I would like to see her liking him," she said. "I think he would settle down and I think he would make a wonderful partner. And I hope she can see that. Because underneath his kind of calm demeanor, I think he is an interesting [guy], and I want her to give him a chance."

But a few weeks passed, and Ross still had had no second date with Max or John.

So the matchmakers decided to step it up a notch. Date No. 3 was Mario, a 29-year-old Italian investment banker.

"Her heart is going to go pitter patter big time for him, he is a lovely fellow," Heller said. "Handsome, sweet, interesting.

"His charismatic style just sweeps her, and she likes to be swept and that is not going to work for her in the long time. I think he is adorable. I like the charity work he does, I like that he takes his career very seriously. He is extremely charismatic, handsome, stable loving family. Values some of the same things. I think her heart will go pitter pat for him. Definitely."

Mario whisked Ross off to a cool Greek restaurant in her neighborhood. The pair sit down and toast their date. The wine flows, and so do the questions.

'I Think It's Courageous'

"So much to ask," Ross said.

"Where do we begin?" Mario said.

"Do you like pets?" Ross said. "Do you ski, are you a skier?"

"I snowboard," Mario said. "Are you a big skier?"

"I love, love, love to ski," Ross said. "Do you live alone?"

"I live alone," Mario said.

Ross asked, "Do you think the proactive approach is a good idea or do you think it's too aggressive?"

"I think it's a good idea," Mario said. "At the same time, I don't know if you can force these things. It eventually happens when you're not looking for it."

Ross disagreed. "The only time I'm not looking for it is when I'm sleeping," she said. "So I don't know if that would work for me."

The two continued to talk.

"Do you tweet, are you tweeting?" she asked.

"No, I'm actually not on Facebook or MySpace or any of that stuff."

"So," Ross said, "do you think what I'm doing is desperate?"

"No," Mario said. "I think it's courageous."

"Do you think this is the greatest date ever?" Ross asked.

Later, she asked, "So, are you asking me out on a second date?"

Mario laughed. "You caught me by surprise, I wasn't expecting that," he said.

"I'm direct," Ross said.

"You're very direct," Mario said.

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