Tracking Suspected American Pedophiles in Cambodia

Dodd was caught on undercover video by APLE's spy agent, complaining to his victim's mother that the girl was being insufficiently affectionate with him, despite the amount of money he had given the family.

"I want to ask her a question directly. Nan, do you love me?" Dodd said on camera.

"Is there a word for mannequin? When I kiss her I feel like I'm kissing a statue. There's no reciprocity. She's just like a limp pillow," he said.

After the trial, as Dodd was taken back to prison to await his verdict, he spoke to us.

"So the allegation against you is that you essentially took advantage of a vulnerable family, paying them off to have access to their very young daughter," I said.

"Yeah, that's what they're accusing me of, sure," he replied.

"And you're saying there's nothing to it?"

Dan Harris speaks with Michael Dodd.

"No because there's love. I love her. I'm crazy about her."

"How you can be in love with her? You're roughly 60 years old. She doesn't speak your language. She's very young," I said.

"Well, look at this, you know, our previous generations, before we were born, before they made the age limits, there wasn't such a -- I'm sorry," he said, before he's taken away by cops.

Outside the courthouse, we meet Dodd's alleged victim.

"Do you think Michael Dodd behaved inappropriately with you?" I asked her. "Did he sexually abuse you?"

"Yes," the translator said as the little girl nodded.

We watch as the girl is completely shunned by members of her own family, who blamed her for getting her mother in trouble. She was allowed to hug her younger brother.

Meeting Accused Pedophile

We were some of the first journalists the Cambodian government had ever allowed inside Preysar prison -- the largest in Cambodia. We talk to other alleged American sex offenders who've been busted by APLE and other organizations.

Dan Harris talks to Erik Peters.

We approached Erik Peters, a convicted sex offender back in California, who's accused of abusing several young boys here in Cambodia. They testified that Peters allegedly touched them inappropriately, sodomized them and took pictures of the acts.

"We just want to ask you about the charges against you," I said.

"Sorry, I can't speak," he told me.

"You can't speak about it at all?"

"No, if you want to talk about human rights abuses or something ..." he said.

"Are there human rights abuses?" I asked.

"Well, that would have to be interviewed at a safer location. I can't speak about it right now."

We ask Peters about the charges against he, which he denied.

"Absolutely untrue," he told us.

Peters and many other American pedophiles are accused of using a similar technique -- called "grooming" -- where they pay families in order to abuse their children. Johnson had allegedly been using the "grooming" technique as well. He's accused of talking about it openly with APLE's spy agent with his young students in the room.

"Frankly, I'm playing this for the long haul. All of these are gonna be 15 within two years, except the little one," APLE claimed Johnson said on its hidden audio recording.

Confronting an Alleged Pedophile

Day seven in Cambodia and we're called to Johnson's neighbor's house, where agents from APLE and ICE have gathered to wait. We're told the arrest is imminent.

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