Jamie Oliver Takes Food Revolution to West Virginia

"I just think that the great thing that's got to happen to the public is to get within the conscience of supermarkets and restaurants and even my industry, as well," he said. "I just sort of have a new base of ethics: What's right and what's wrong? Where should it come from? How should it be treated? How processed can be considered acceptable? But it's the chemistry that scares the life out of me."

'I'm Not Anti-Fast Food'

Oliver was ready to give his cooking class.

"Are you guys ready to cook?!!" he said to cheers and clapping. "As you can see, we've got the beans, some sugar snap peas, we've got some noodles here, some sliced beef steak, and the real key to it, some spring onions and chili."

Oliver is hopeful, but he remains realistic as well.

"I don't want all the fast food chains to go bankrupt, and it won't happen, but I do want people to phone up and say that they don't want mechanically reclaimed meat in our food, we don't want all these additives," he said. "Give us a fresh patty. Give us a salad, not as an extra, but in it, incorporated. I'm not anti-fast food, I just want the people cooking it not to mug the public, for sure."

Edwards said there was hope for change.

"Jamie's not the savior for Huntington, but he is going to help us and give us the tools that we need," she said.

Of course, you'll have to watch the show to find out how it all turns out. Does Rod Willis become a convert? Did Stacie Edwards lose weight? Did a foreigner manage to break Huntington's bad habits?

"And you know what my belief is?" asked Oliver. "This beautiful town and the wonderful people that I've worked with and gotten to know, through their struggle, through their success, and through the heart of this community, I believe that America will be touched. And all I ask of America is one thing: Want better!"

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