Here's 'The Situation': Mike Sorrentino Talks About Possibly Leaving 'Jersey Shore'

Looking for a fresh start, Sorrentino tried his hand as an underwear and fitness model until he landed an audition for the "Jersey Shore," and his nickname.

"We went to a bar in New Jersey, and I had walked by a couple and as she walked by me with the other hand, she's like, 'Oh my God, honey, look at his abs,'" Sorrentino explained. "My buddies that are with me, they're like, 'Oh man, that's a situation.' And I said, 'No, that's the situation.' ... That was it. I am who I am now."

That impressive six-pack comes from long hours of working out at the gym, and Sorrentino said he has never taken steroids to maintain his sculpted look.

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"Never, never, never. ... If somebody's gonna take steroids, that's, you know, their prerogative and their body," he said. "I'm worried about taking care of myself and working out and taking my body to the best it could be, pretty much."

Even though the "Jersey Shore" has been the foundation for Sorrentino's sky-rocketing career, when this past season finale casted him in a negative light, he turned to Twitter and threatened to leave the show for good.

"I was very upset and, and contemplated -- not necessarily retiring from reality TV, but possibly retiring from 'Jersey Shore,'" he said. "I give 'Jersey Shore' exactly what it needs, okay?"

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Sorrentino Considers Leaving 'Jersey Shore' but Not Reality TV

A third season of the popular show has already been shot, but Sorrentino said he's already looking towards other projects for his ab-fab life, such as scripted-TV or movies.

"My whole life has been a search for finding myself, pretty much. You know? This is an unbelievable fairy tale story," he said. "I found what I love to do, and that's being in front of the camera."

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