Just a Gigolo? Or the Rosa Parks of Sex Work?

Fleiss never got the financing to get her stud ranch off the ground. Instead, she opened a laundromat. And while today she believes women can just go to Craigslist and skip the brothel, she still sees a market.

"What I think would work now is a male-male brothel," she said, "but I don't know if Nevada is ready."

Davis says she isn't ruling out a gay business plan when she adds more men to her roster in the future. But for now she's focusing on the ladies, and she says there's no shortage of men willing to offer their services. Over 100 applications have come in, from bartenders to real estate agents, many who lost their jobs in the recession.

"So a lot of men might think that this is going to be a lot of fun, but you know, it does become a job, by the third or fourth, it's a job," said Davis. "And as long as you look at it that way, a lot of people can do it, not everybody is cut out for it."

And yes, size matters.

"Does the man have to be well endowed?" said Davis. "He's not going to have to be a super stud, but it helps. I think that's ... some of [the] things that women are going to look for. Basically we ask that in a questionnaire."

Bestin said he was up to the job. "I'm well endowed, you know, I'm above average," he said. "But at the same time women have said that if you're too big it's very uncomfortable, so I'm right in the middle range."

'It's About Making Money'

And what about those moments when he's not attracted to the client?

"If the chemistry is not right, we might have to use a little bit of an enhancer, such as Viagra," he said.

Bestin is used to the scrutiny. He came to the Shady Lady after a failed attempt at the porn industry left him homeless in Los Angeles.

"Now I can have a place to stay," Bestin said, "I have people around me who care about me. I have an amiable means of employment so I would be taken care of. I wouldn't have to sleep on the streets anymore or live in a shelter surrounded by drug addicts."

None of his new roommates, whom he now calls "sisters," would talk to us on-camera, but Cuddles, a prostitute from a neighboring brothel, told us she welcomes the new addition.

And she had some advice. "Just keep your head up, make your money, that's what it's about, like I tell everybody," Cuddles said. "It's about making money, that's why you start doing it for."

But Bestin says it's not about the money.

"I thoroughly enjoy the presence of women," he said. "They're like fine china."

Experience, he said, wasn't necessarily among his qualifications for the job.

"I've only slept with three women in my whole life," he said. But he has no doubts as to his ability. "Lord, no," he said. "I have talent, stamina, endurance. I'm gifted for it."

And he has a clear idea of what he wants women to think as they walk out of his bedroom.

"I hope she can go out in the world and feel that she can put her shoulders back and say, 'Wow, I cannot believe that I can actually do this in America now," Bestin said.

A hard sell from the lone gentleman in the world's oldest profession.

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