Michael Moore on Capitalism: 'Anti-Christian,' 'Anti-American' System

"They get put on the covers of magazines. They're on Fortune and Forbes and they're on the front page Business section of the paper. Like masters of the universe, look at their genius, they are able to make hundreds of millions of dollars. We have actually now seemed to, as a society, support that," he said.

While Moore admits that not everything done by financial firms is evil, since they provide jobs and make donations to charity, he says, that doesn't legitimize them.

"Well, it's never all evil, is it? I mean, Hitler put everybody back to work, I mean, right? I mean, I've read stories of slave masters who were very generous to their slaves," he said.

Moore: 'They'd Call [Jesus] a Socialist'

"Capitalism: A Love Story" is also deeply religious; Moore says he turned to his faith -- Catholicism -- to drive home the point: it doesn't matter how much wealth you've amassed when you're judged at the gates of heaven.

"There was a very clear message about when you get up there to the Pearly Gates with St. Peter, you're gonna get asked a number of questions. When I was hungry, did you feed me? When I was homeless, did you give me shelter? When I was sick, did you come and give me aid and comfort?" Moore explained. "And, if you did those things, then, you know, you can pull into the big house. But, if you didn't, you don't get in."

Moore told Moran he'd ask wealthy CEO's: "What do you think is going to happen after this life, when you have to answer, what did you do with the wealth that you amassed? ... what's wrong with spreading the wealth around a little bit?"

Rebuffing criticism that "spreading the wealth" is socialism, Moore said, "I'm sure, if [Jesus] was around today, they'd call him a socialist," Moore said.

In fact, Moore insists that capitalism is anti-Christian.

"It goes completely against the values of Jesus. And Moses. And Mohammed. And Buddha. All the great religions say that ... the pie at the table is to be divided fairly, and that you're not to leave a whole group of people behind, and that you will be judged by how you treat the poor. And ... and capitalism, our form of capitalism today, is all about gimme, gimme, gimme. Make as much as you can. And to hell with the other guy."

Moore to Obama: 'We'll Be Watching'

To say Moore was pleased with the change in power in Washington is an understatement. He says he is still an unabashed supporter of President Obama, despite a growing amount of criticism on the left that Obama hasn't truly reformed the financial system, and has hinted at dropping the public option from his health care plan.

"I'm not discouraged or disappointed. I'm still operating on the high that I got when he was elected last November," he said. "This is the time when you want the smart guy in the White House. Not the dumb guy. You want a smart guy there. So, we got a smart guy there."

Despite Moore's vote of confidence in Obama's ability to handle the financial mess, he notes in the film that the president's number one private campaign contributor group were the employees of Goldman Sachs.

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