What It Was Like to Work on 'Nine'

"And we went to dinner, and [we were] eating as we do on set -- eating and eating a lot. And she comes to me and she pushes my plate aside, because I am eating a lot. And she says, 'No more,'" Hudson said, laughing. "No more!"

"There is a great relationship, I have to say, between Sophia and Penelope," said Marshall.

"I love her so much," said Cruz.

Loren previously said she found Day-Lewis intimidating.

"I thought you were the intimidating one?" McFadden asked Day-Lewis. Then she turned to Loren. "I had heard that you had said he was scary."

"Am I scary?" said Day-Lewis.

"This phrase really is ruining me," said Loren. "Because not scary, you are a little bit intimidating when we have to do something together. I mean, for me, I don't know for you."

"In what way?" asked McFadden. "Why --"

"This is my personal --" said Loren.

"Let's change the subject," said Day-Lewis.

"No, I'm liking this subject," said McFadden.

"I'll bet you are," Day-Lewis said.

"Let's change the subject," Loren agreed.

"But why, why? Because he's intense?" asked McFadden, drawing groans from Day-Lewis and laughter from everyone else. "Because he is very, very much intense," said Loren. "He is so intense."

Day-Lewis wasn't the only one to bring intensity to the "Nine" set. Cruz impressed her co-stars with her dogged rehearsing.

"I hear you were called 'the warrior' and that you actually rehearsed to the point that your hands were bleeding," said McFadden.

"Oh, the ropes," Fergie recalled.

"Well, [my hands] had to bleed a little bit because of the ropes, yes, yes," said Cruz. "But I think you feel no physical pain. After dancing for all those hours, you get high in a good way. You go into a different state and you don't feel it anymore."

"It's true, that's a real dancer thing," said Marshall.

'You Pack It Away'

"Alright," asked McFadden, "who had the worst eating habits?"

Fergie immediately volunteered an answer: herself.

"Oh, yeah," she said. "That would be me."

Then she pointed at Cruz.

"Penelope and I," she said, to general merriment.

"Hold it!" said McFadden. "Who's the worst?"

Cotillard pointed across the table at Kidman.

"You came back with a burger one day on the set, and fries," she said.

"You eat anything?" McFadden asked.

"I do," said Kidman.

"Oh, Nicole eats," said Hudson.

"You pack it away," said McFadden to Kidman.

"Yeah, but I like to exercise, too, but yeah, I love to," said Kidman.

McFadden asked Fergie about her younger years.

"You were on the student council, I read somewhere," McFadden said.

"Oh, yeah, both my parents were teachers," said Fergie. "So that was a big deal in my school. I was in honors classes and it was about a positive reinforcement system in my house. You know, if I wanted to make those phone calls to the boyfriend, I had to get the grades. Yes, and I fell in love every year. I was so boy crazy, and every year there would be a different one, and I was madly in love with them and ... I loved falling in love.

"And you were a good girl until later, right?" asked McFadden.

"Well," said Fergie, laughing, "it depends on what you mean by being a good girl."

"Oh," replied McFadden, "I thought you meant it depended on what I meant by later."

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