Nightline Platelist: Eric Ripert

Ripert stuffed the rooster with black truffles, white porcini mushrooms and foie gras. After a generous helping of butter -- viola! The bird was ready for the oven.

'Food Means Pleasure'

The one ingredient Ripert said he can't live without is black truffles. The pricey pieces of fungus, also known as "black diamonds," must be painstakingly unearthed from the soil by a pig or a trained dog. An example of how expensive -- a 2.7 pound truffle can cost more than $100,000.

"Probably if I could all my life be exposed to black truffles -- that would be really the goal!" Ripert said. His one guilty pleasure, however, is dark chocolate.

Ripert also loves his condiments: his fridge is always stocked with mustard and marmalade. But like every other New Yorker, Ripert finds it difficult to cook in his apartment's tiny kitchen.

"When I come home it is too late and I would be eating by myself at that time, it is unhealthy," Ripert said.

Instead, he chooses to cook on weekends in his small country house. His ideal weekend menu? A T-bone steak.

"Food means pleasure and as simple as that. I don't try to intellectualize food too much … I like to eat food and depending on where I am it connects me to where I am," Ripert said. "Food brings people together. It's a lifestyle. It's a very healthy lifestyle and it is my passion as well."

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