Norah Jones on Her New Album and Old Favorites

Jones says she admires Parton because she's such a well-rounded musician.

"She can play, she can sing, she writes these great songs. I've always been a little bit inspired by her. She's just a great chick to look up to as a female."

Tom Waits, "Hold On"

Jones says she loves any song that makes her want to listen to it over and over.

"There's a song by Tom Waits, it's called 'Hold On.' It's a great song and it has a lot of different characters in the song. And it tells this kind of interesting -- it takes you on a real visual story path," she said.

"I'm drawn to anything that makes me want to just listen to it again. And usually it has to do with something in the melody that catches your ear. I mean, if there's a cool beat under it, maybe that's it. But you don't want to listen to it again unless the melody really catches you."

Neil Young, "Down by the River"

"I've been listening to a lot of Neil Young lately. And I listen to two songs on repeat, pretty much. 'Round and Round' is this beautiful song with all these harmonies. And then, I think the track right after that is 'Down by the River,' which is the epic, you know, nine-minute long -- there's like, the best guitar solo in the world on it," Jones said.

She says over the past several years, she has been trying to improve her guitar playing, and listens to Young for inspiration.

"I keep listening to [Young] hoping that his guitar will just sink into me, somehow. I guess my dream is to play guitar, you know, even half as good as Neil Young some day."

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