Tx. Prison Abuse Case Linked to Abu Ghraib

"I mean, those, those fences are there for a reason," Glenn says. "The bottom line is those officers are pretty much at the mercy of those inmates, and the inmates, in a lot of cases, don't have a lot to lose."

Some former Texas inmates would dispute that, of course — to the point that they would identify with the Iraqi inmates at Abu Ghraib.

"It took me straight back to Texas when I was in Brazoria County," said inmate Wright about the first time he heard about the Abu Ghraib scandal. "I mean, those prisoners that were there, I felt their pain. I felt the, the, you know, the 'frightenness,' the 'scaredness.'

"A big percentage of hidden abuse is in prisons," he said. "Society has been blinded for so many years. Society has painted one picture, but if they actually came inside and saw, with their own eyes, without talking to staff or administration, and just got a glimpse of their everyday life in certain situations, they would stop paying their tax dollars, I guarantee you."

ABC News' Brian Ross, Lee Culp and Zena Barakat contributed to this report.

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