Scientology Leader Gave ABC First-Ever Interview


Miscavige: Okay, what it is capable of doing is registering what's bothering you. It is a guide, it doesn't tell you anything, it doesn't yell out. Well, it's a meter there, and it sends a little electrical flow through your body. You're holding something there, very tiny. You cannot feel it. It shows a reaction. What does that reaction mean? That reaction just says there's a reaction. You thought something about it, or something that has some form of mental energy.

Koppel: A reaction to what, your saying words, and it's almost like free association, or-- I mean, what am I reacting to?

Miscavige: Listen, stop comparing it to psychotherapy, because it isn't.

Koppel: No, no, I'm just asking. What am I--

Miscavige: It is so-- And by the way-okay, there are a million things you could do, but you take up an individual subject of a person's life. I'll bring up the subject of communication; if that isn't you, fine. People do have problems with this subject. Very specific questions are asked, the person answers them. He looks, answers the question, answers it, to handle areas of upset that are upsetting him. He knows when they are no longer upsetting him. He finds out finally for himself why they're upsetting him, and they no longer do. That is what's happening.

Koppel: What I'm still a little bit lost on is, presumably you and I could do that--

Miscavige: Oh, absolutely.

Koppel: Right now, right?

Miscavige: Well, you'd have to want to participate.

Koppel: Fine, and-- But why do we need that piece of equipment?

Miscavige: Oh, because it's far more accurate. I mean, originally in Dianetics and Scientology, there was no meter, and you would look at a person--

Koppel: Okay. So what is the E-meter--

Miscavige: …and you'd look at a person. I will tell you--

Koppel: …because I'm looking at a needle sweeping across an arc, right?

Miscavige: Okay, you would look at the person and hear something similar. I can see your face flush, or I can see you cry, or I can see you smile. You can observe people, right? Well, not many people have an ability to do that, and plus, that is pretty crude. What this does is, when there's an area of upset, it registers. That's all it does. When the area of upset no longer exists, it doesn't register. That's all it does. It is strictly a guide.

Koppel: And what is the auditor-- What is the auditor doing?

Miscavige: The communication is taking place between you and I. You see, we're in there together. I'm asking something about you. You are interested in finding out something about yourself. I'm there to help you find that. But I'll tell you, here's where else we differ from psychotherapy, psychology. Those people would tell you, "This is your problem." That's a pretty arrogant position to take, for that person to tell you what's going on, considering every individual on this planet is different. Scientology, we show you a way to find out for yourself. And do you know who knows when you've found out? You do. And if this still doesn't make sense to you, that's because you haven't done it. I can't be more clear. First principle in Scientology, by the way, Ted, you should understand is, in studying the subject or practicing it: Never, ever, ever believe it just because we say it's so. Only once you have experienced it yourself and you find this concept to be true should you then consider it to be true.

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