Scientology Leader Gave ABC First-Ever Interview


Miscavige: He trains in the subject of Scientology, and then audits somebody else, and he can be audited by that person, and that's free. You see, people like to pull out the sexy part, I'd like to point out, Ted. The people that are complaining about it in your intro, the one girl there that was complaining about it -- a girl named Vicki Aznaran, which, by the way, this is a girl who was kicked out for trying to bring criminals into the church, something she didn't mention.

Koppel: I think what-- I mean, you say a "girl." I think we're talking about a grown woman, right?

Miscavige: A grown woman, excuse me.

Koppel: Yeah. I mean, and--

Miscavige: A lady, Vicki Aznaran.

Koppel: And you and she were at one point--

Miscavige: I know.

Koppel: …at one point rivals for the leadership of the--

Miscavige: Absolutely not. Absolutely not. I have no idea where Forrest got that from. Absolutely not. She violated the mores and codes of the group. She was removed for it. I was a trustee of that corporation. She knows it. The words she said to me is, "I have no future in Scientology." She wanted to bring bad boys into Scientology, her words. Now--

Koppel: What you have just done is one of two things, and I'm not in a position to judge which it is. Either you have made an accurate charge against someone or, what a number of your critics and a number of the pieces that have been written about the Church of Scientology suggest is that when you have a critic before you, you destroy those people.

Miscavige: Yeah? Well, let me tell you, that's easy to say--

Koppel: You smear them.

Miscavige: That's easy for the person to say, but she's the one on that program smearing me. And let me tell you something else, this subject did come out before, Forrest did have it. I showed her deposition testimony. She admitted in there that that is what she was trying to do. She admitted that's why she was pulled out. The fact that Forrest didn't put that in there is extremely disingenuous. I'm not making any new charge against her, and let's not also forget the fact that she is trying get $70 million out of the church, and I think that explains 70 million reasons why she would make up something like that. I'm trying to get nothing from her.

Koppel: Has she sued the church?

Miscavige: Absolutely.

Koppel: For $70 million.

Miscavige: For $70 million.

Koppel: Where does that case stand right now?

Miscavige: The case'll drag on for years. It's just been dragging on and on.

Koppel: Then it's still in the court system.

Miscavige: Absolutely. Absolutely. But on the subject here, I mean, they bring that out. Ted, it's simple for people to say that, except I'm not out there leveling charges out of the blue against people. In fact, you've got to look at it this way. You've seen the amount of attacks leveled against my church. I haven't even bothered to come out to defend myself until this point, and I'm not even here to defend myself. But if somebody makes a move like that and they say something, and they have an ulterior motive, I think it should be explained. It's that simple. You had another example on there, a Roxanne Friend. This is a horrifying story. This girl was ill. I feel for her.

Koppel: Another woman.

Miscavige: Another woman on there, excuse me, excuse me. I don't mean to say that in a demeaning way. I'm sorry. She has a horrifying story of having an illness of cancer, and the word in there is that we didn't sent her to a church.

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