Scientology Leader Gave ABC First-Ever Interview


Miscavige: Well, let me tell you, I mean, you know, I went through these earlier. You want to talk about them. It had nothing-- There was no cause-and-effect relationship to L. Ron Hubbard being at sea and these people going after him and therefore he was leaving. But you want to bring out all sorts of faults. Ted, let's be accurate here. There have been attacks leveled against Scientology. They uniformly get reported by the media. The net result doesn't. Let me just go through them. I mentioned the Food and Drug Administration. They tried this case for six years. They lost. It was headline press when it came out. They lost the case, full religious recognition of the church. They passed their information to Australia. There was a full inquiry down there. In 1982, the court ruled in our favor and issued an apology stating that this was an embarrassing chapter in the history of that country. You talk about the attacks here. The real story is this, Ted. A new organization, there are new ideas in Scientology. These get attacked. It's not the first time in the history of the world that this has happened. This has happened to many other groups. This happened to Christianity. Bring it up forward to another religion. Mormonism, it happened to them. It happened to us. The attacks on us, though, I will say, in the last 40 years, are unprecedented and unrelenting, not even rivaled by any other group during that time period. And yet the Church of Scientology has survived throughout that entire time period, and grown and continue to grown, to grow. That is the real story of Scientology. And the only way that can occur is if you have something beneficial to offer people, and Scientology does. You can talk about all of this. I can debate with you about that. You can go speak to a Scientologist, which we made available to "Nightline," and ask them what it has done for them, and they do applaud it. The people who are detractors, anybody has critics. That's fine, and I don't-- And I have to tell you, I don't mind somebody criticizing a valid fact in Scientology, Ted. I'll be the first one to deal with it. People within the church, there's various complaints here and there, little ones. I always investigate them.

Koppel: Can you understand--

Miscavige: But wait, but what upsets me--

Koppel: …can you understand what-- Go ahead.

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