Scientology Leader Gave ABC First-Ever Interview


Miscavige: Okay. Well, the first book, Dianetics, talks about the mind. And the subject of the mind-- Well, you have a mind, and I did this with you before, but anybody can see what their mind is. Their mind is composed of pictures. Close your eyes, look at a cat, and you'll see a cat. And those pictures you're seeing are your mind. There's your-- There are parts of this mind. If you use your analytical mind, which you do your thinking with, which is very analytical -- a perfect computer is a good analogy. And there is a reactive mind, and this is the mind that kicks in during any moments of trauma, stress, unconsciousness. It is recording, a series of pictures of these incidents. Unknown to the individual, at a later time, these incidents that are traumatic can come back and affect the person, affect his rationality, affect his happiness. This is where you find the cause of a person acting the way he doesn't want to.

Koppel: Where--

Miscavige: A clear is--

Koppel: Yeah.

Miscavige: A clear is eradicating that reactive mind, so the person no longer has matters like that not affecting him.

Koppel: Clears don't get colds.

Miscavige: Well, I don't know that clears don't get colds, but--

Koppel: L. Ron Hubbard said clears don't get colds.

Miscavige: Back in 1951, L. Ron Hubbard, I believe, said in that book that -- postulating that a clear wouldn't get a cold -- so again, you're taking a line out of context.

Koppel: So clears do get colds.

Miscavige: I guess one could.

Koppel: Okay. In the few seconds that we've got left -- we've got about 45 seconds left -- we've heard a lot from you and I understand there's a lot more to be said, but why is all of this a religion? And you're speaking now to a great many people out there who have a different concept of religion.

Miscavige: Yeah, well, unfortunately, we've talked about a lot of allegations, and it's tough to describe a subject when you're dealing, when you get hit with a litany of accusations at the beginning you're trying to deal with them. Why Scientology is a religion? Religion is about the spirit, and Scientology deals with the spirit. We are in the tradition of the much older religions -- Buddhism, Hinduism -- helping the person as a spiritual being improve himself. That is what religion is about. That is why this is a religion. It doesn't fall into any other field.

Koppel: And on that note, David Miscavige, let me thank you. I appreciate very much your joining us.

Miscavige: Okay. Thank you.

Koppel: Sunday, on This Week with David Brinkley, the New Hampshire primary, with Democratic presidential contenders Bill Clinton and Tom Harkin, and President Bush's campaign chairman, Robert Teeter. That's our report for tonight. I'm Ted Koppel in Washington. For all of us here at ABC News, good night.

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