Online Dating For Giraffes


"Andazi will probably be recommended to go to another facility for breeding," says the Miami Zoo's Ron Magill. "Depending on where the stud bookkeeper says, where she'll make the greatest contribution to help this highly endangered species."

Trading Rhinos

The gene pool for black rhinos is now so small that simply moving the animals around is not enough to sustain them. Transporting rhinos is not easy or cheap, but there is now serious talk about trading a male rhino with a European zoo to enhance the genetic stock in both regions. And scientists are also looking to take semen from wild rhinos and implanting it in captive animals.

As for Naomi, the baby giraffe, she's already seven feet tall. She doesn't know it yet, but before she gets too old and too big, she too, will be on the move.

"We'll send Naomi to another zoo where she's unrelated to that herd," says Magill, "and we may exchange her for an unrelated giraffe recommended by the stud bookkeeper to maintain a good healthy herd for us here."

Meanwhile, Fezzik, Naomi's father is eager to breed with Kita again. But Kita is in no mood: Naomi is still nursing. But when she is in the mood and the stud bookkeeper says some zoo somewhere has a need, another baby giraffe will be born.

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