When Having Kids is a Religious Experience

The Carpenter children are home-schooled. Ken Carpenter hopes his sons find professions and that his daughters learn to be mothers. He believes that it is a woman's primary function to become a mother. And a father's primary function?

"I think a dad ought to be the primary instiller of wisdom and ought to be teaching his sons leadership," he said.

'The Biblical Model'

The role of the father as the head of the household is at the center of the Quiverfull movement.

"I know that notion is going to rile a number of people," Ken Carpenter said. "[But] I do consider myself the loving head of this family, responsible to lead them. That's the biblical model of fatherhood."

Devon Carpenter concurred, saying that her role is to be "nurturing and loving and submissive to my husband and shepherding to the children."

Both husband and wife say this is the life they want to lead, and want their kids to lead -- which means thousands more diapers, and many more chaotic mealtimes.

If there is one thing that this life guarantees, it is nonstop motion.

How about the future? Are more kids on the way?

"Yes," Ken Carpenter said. "Should the Lord bless us with more, I would be thrilled."

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