'Breach': Secrets and Double Lives


EO: Certainly, in real life, we didn't do the, the picture wasn't part of it. It was actual shooting. His superiors came in and said, "you're gonna go shooting with us," and didn't give him a chance and he went after them very disgruntled. Now, here of course, Ryan's being very clever and I dump water in order to get him to just go and hurry and get him frazzled so he doesn't take the palm pilot with him.

PT: Now, again, it's dramatic here, but it's just as tense, right?

EO: Yes. Certainly, I mean the tension is exactly the same. We needed this guy to leave the office without his palm pilot and whatever we could do to do it, because we needed to take that palm pilot and copy the thing and get it back before he came back.

PT: And when he said, "don't you knock?" did he have that sort of superior attitude?

EO: He had a very abrupt, right, it could be very terse in the way he spoke to you. And, so that's certainly true to life. And, I mean, it was just the way he looked at you sometimes, too, it was like he was peeling away everything you were trying to put up to hide who you were from him.

PT: At some point, you get the signal, he's gone, he's in place, go to work.

EO: Right. He comes down. Now, in real life, he was down in the firing range and someone pages me. Here, they use the 25-year photo as part of it. And, the idea was, Billy was trying to show, was trying to heighten the fact that it wasn't just me in this investigation. There were a lot of other people working on it. I just happened to be the guy in the room with him. So, here, there are a couple of elements in the chain of keeping him away from that office.

PT: Now, is it specific, did they send you a page saying ...?

EO: Yes. That he's in pocket and it's go time. Go get the palm pilot, take it, and get it copied. Now of course, I got the page that said he's out of pocket which just incredibly increased my anxiety because I needed to get that thing back in the bag before he got there, so I had to beat him back into the office.

PT: But, one key difference here is, you had a long way to go right? You're running back to your office here ...

EO: And here, I'm just running back to my office. It was more tense in real life because I had to run down two flights of steps. I think the idea behind this was to make me do more. Instead of going down to a tech team, just cut that out and have it happen in my office where I'm doing the downloading. In real life, I took it to a tech team, handed it to Kate who handed it to a tech team, and they downloaded the whole thing in a hidden room in headquarters.

PT: Now, were you like hurry up, hurry up?

EO: I was, I was knocking on the door, I was like, "come on guys, come on, I got the page, he's on his way back to the office now." And they were like, "hold on just a little bit longer." I'm like, "we don't have that time. You don't understand. I've gotta get this thing back in there." And, it was up to the last minute when I finally got that thing back in my hands and Kate just looked at me and goes, "run, run, run, go!" And I just ran up the stairs as fast as I could.

PT: And he walks back in, you're at your desk. What kind of look does he give you? I know this scene is extended.

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