Tarantino and Rodriguez: Who's the Man?

I think with the press taking the ball at some point and being amazed by the ability of Hollywood to create such a real look, and then making the statement that it crosses some sort of line where it begins to mesh between reality and -- that is not necessarily true, just because they said it. Just because somebody wrote it, doesn't mean that that in fact, is true, and I don't think it ever was. I think that it's created a notion. That's my opinion on it.

: What's your favorite part of "Grindhouse"?

: I like the concept of the night. I like the ads. I like (the preview for he fake movie) 'Machete.' I like the ads. There's a good feeling. It's a good-feeling night. It's just a goof night. For a whole generation, it's sort of like, "I heard about this. I knew about this. I never saw it. Never saw a double feature. Never saw this kind of crazy stuff." The whole night is what I like about "Grindhouse." We used to participate in these things. And this generation, I think, has to be cut loose in the theater to do that. I think that's what Quentin and Robert are trying to say. It's OK to go have some fun, guys. It's just crazy. Just keep saying to yourself over and over, "It's just a movie." You know, it's that night.

ABC's Dan Morris contributed to this report.

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