Kids With Asperger's Syndrome: 'Bullied on a Daily Basis'

"The thing that I realized -- I have to stop doing what's called trying too hard," he said. "Trying to force a conversation with a girl even if she's not fully interested in talking, asking too many questions, showing signs of being nervous, maybe."

Corcoran said he was building the confidence that was often absent in those with Asperger's.

"As long as I stand my ground, and I am who I'm supposed to be, and I get to love myself for who I am -- others are really really going to love me too," Corcoran said. "I really do think some people are going to like me. And I'm convinced I'm going to meet somebody really special one day."

If Corcoran can picture that day, so can those who have known him all his life. Fitting in while standing out -- it isn't always easy for anyone but some have to work harder to get there.

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