A Cure for Male Menopause?

"I don't need to go backwards. But while I'm working, I have young children, I want to be as healthy as I can," he said. "I watched my parents go through decline in their later years, and their last few years were very poor quality of life. And I guess I want to be as healthy as I can until the day I drop. And then it'll be over."

That, said Mintz, is exactly the idea.

"I want my kids and grandchildren to have their place in the sun," said Mintz. "So I think it's sort of egomaniacal to think I ought to live longer than my intended life span. I just want that life span to be good. I'd rather die in my late 70s than have 10 bad years with Alzheimer's and not know who my children are. Hopefully I can make it to 90, 95 in great shape. That's my goal. That's what most of our patients want."

Blackman, himself 62 years old, said that desire is understandable.

"My generation of baby boomers has historically wanted to do everything its way, since we were adolescents. I also think it's universally true, that all of us wish, among other things, to age gracefully. And that's a good thing."

But, he said, the hormone therapy practiced at Cenegenics is not a magic bullet.

"It's of unproved effectiveness and unproved safety, and until we know more, I think it's not the right thing to do."

His prescription for healthy aging? It's less cutting edge and more common sense: everything in moderation.

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