Ryan Seacrest's Entertainment Empire

In 2005, Seacrest was honored for his accomplishments with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

"The best part about that day was that Simon Cowell had to come in my honor and stand and almost appreciate me for about an hour," Seacrest said. "It was really the most fulfilling aspect of the entire day."

Rivalry With Simon Cowell

Seacrest believes that Cowell only begrudgingly supported him because the two are extremely competitive, butting heads on air frequently. During the fifth season of "American Idol," Seacrest responded to Cowell's criticism of winner Tyler Hicks with a jab at his lavish lifestyle.

"OK let's start with Simon. Have you ever lived in the real world? He has staff at his house, staff here, a driver, a Rolls Royce. I mean please, that's hardly the real world," he told the audience.

Seacrest says that he and Cowell are constantly battling to one-up each other on "American Idol."

"The real way to describe the game is last word, when we go at it. Who gets the last word. And we keep score. And every commercial break we're tallying on the pages on the table. And I have a trick. If I feel like I'm losing control, I will toss to commercial so then I get the last word."

They don't only keep score during the commercial breaks, but at all times, engaging in an incessant back and forth that would make an average person's head spin.

"If he gets ratings for anything he's produced or anything he's been on, he will literally fax me the ratings before they go out to any of the press," Seacrest explained. "If he closes a deal with anyone about anything, I get a copy of the press release before it goes out. That's the relationship we have."

Seacrest doesn't miss a beat, and when he found out that he was hosting the Emmys in September he texted Cowell immediately to brag.

Cowell, however, was less than impressed with that performance, telling E!, "there were a few uncomfortable moments. We were expecting a two, so I'm going to give him a 2½. So he did better than expected."

While Seacrest is extremely driven and appears almost cutthroat with Cowell, co-workers describe him as a nice guy.

"I will tell you the best thing is that, he actually is a very nice person, he's a nice person. You want to hate him because he's pretty and he makes a lot of money, but you can't hate him," Ryan's "E! News" co-host Giuliana Rancic said.

With so many accomplishments under his belt, one might wonder why Seacrest doesn't call it quits, or at least take a long break. While he won't admit that he's never satisfied, it's clear that he will never be complacent.

"There's definitely satisfaction, but that satisfaction fortunately creates more drive and keeps you from falling into complacency," he said. "And at my age and with the energy fortunately that I have, I don't want to fall into that place of complacency. I want to keep pushing."

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