Transcript: ABC News' Terry Moran Interviews Pastor Terry Jones


Jones: If they have a problem with the burning of the Koran that's fine. I realize the actual burning of the Koran is a radical statement we feel very convinced about it, we plan on doing it, we feel its very necessary. But if Christians were to say that's too much for us or just normal people, they say the actual burning of the Koran is too much for us, that's fine. I can absolutely understand that. That is no problem. But they should, all Christians should agree with our message. Our message is that radical Islam is dangerous, let's keep an eye on it, let's say no to it. and from a Christian stand point they have to agree with us. Because according to Christianity, Jesus Christ is the only way. And the Koran does not recognize the resurrection, the virgin birth, that Jesus died for our sins, that he's the son of god, that he's god,. So from the Christian standpoint they must agree with us.

Moran: Christians sometime ask what would Jesus do. Do you really think that Jesus Christ if he were here today he would say pastor go burn that holy book?


Moran: Jesus Christ would say that.

Jones: Absolutely. If you look at Jesus' life most of the time Jesus was as people imagine him. He was very nice, and very patient and very loving but there were also times when esus did radical things. He threw the money changers out of the temple he looked right at Peter and called him the devil. He went into the synagogues - that would be like me going into the churches today -went into the synagagoes and called those pastors, those pharases, he called them snakes, he called them vipers. And in fact the Bible says itself that even if an angel of light should appear to you - which is supposedly what happened to Mohammed even if an angel of light should appear to you and give you a different gospel to this one, let him be accursed. So I think Jesus would not run around burning books but i think he would burn this one.

Moran: You think he would burn this one.

Jones: Yes.

Moran: It just seems like such a hateful thing to do. Is there no other way? To get your message across. That you don't like radical Islam then to burn the holy book of a million and a half people?

Jones: I think there are many ways.

Moran: So why do this one?

Jones: I think this the example way. i think the better way is diplomacy, talk, discussion . Ithink those things are valid and I think most of the time those things are better. But we have chosen this way because, because of the seriousness of it. we feel that we are dealing with radical Islam in other words we are dealing with a religion or lets say a sharia law that they have nothing against stoning people. They have nothing against hanging homosexuals, they tie bombs around themselves and go into buildings, they fly planes into buildings, they teach their kids there's nothing better than to die as a martyr. We are dealing with an element that we believe you can't really, can't always reason with. Sometimes you have to show them, this far and no further. And that is what we are trying to say. You have to remember we are not harming people, we are burning a book to send a very very radical message. A very radical stop to Islam.

Moran: Once again though, a billion and a half Muslims in the world, most of them do not approve of al Qaeda and of the terrorism associated with it. The message you are sending to moderate Muslims is one of hate.

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