Transcript: ABC News' Terry Moran Interviews Pastor Terry Jones


Jones: Well we have tried to make that very clear. obviously this is not a message of love and it is obviously not intended to be a message of love. It is intended to be a clear clear warning. But we have also made it very clear that here in the united states we have a constitution, we have freedom of religion they are more than welcome to be here and worship and build mosques. This is not an evangelistic tool, this is not going door to door saying Jesus loves you which is just fine. This is actually meant to be a warning to the radical element.

Moran: How would you feel if Muslims burned the gospels?

Jones: I would not like it. I don't like it when they burn the Bible. I don't like it when in Afghanistan when they burn the flag but I also do not serve a god of violence. It doesn't make me want to kill people. It doesn't make me want to storm an embassy. It doesn't make me want to call for the death of the president and that is what we are trying to reveal. Of course its insulting. of course Its not a nice thing to do. But what we are trying to show is that this is a very dangerous radical element and here in America we need to wake up. And it could be that even that its larger than our politicians and news media would like us to believe. That maybe America should wake up that may be even our president should wake up and we should take a real close look at Islam.

Moran: Pastor, don't you even have a twinge of conscious about doing something like this.

Jones: Of course. Of course we have thought very much about it. We have prayed a lot about it. Yes its one of the things that we think about all of the time. Even has been mentioned here in the news media what possible consequences could happen. What could possibly happen. Of course we don't feel responsible for that. If something happens, we did not do it. It happened because this is a violent religion and as I said if somebody burned the bible I would feel sorry for them. I would pray for them. I would think that they are ignorant. But I would not want to shoot them. So what our actions do is actually just reveals the violence of Islam and yes we are taking that very seriously and we are still constantly in prayer about our plans that we have on September 11th.

Moran: You're going to go through with this?

Jones: As of right now we have every intention of going through with it.

Moran: What would change your mind?

Jones: I guess the same thing that caused us to do it um, just a deep conviction from God that something has to happen. That there has to be - this is we hope our type of wake up call. Our wake up call to America to look at Islam, hopefully a wake up call to the radical element of Islam that we would let them know that we are clearly not going to back down. we are clearly against radical islam. Maybe even a wake up call to the Moslems maybe they should look and see something wrong with their religion or something wrong with an element of their religion that causes that type of violence.

Moran: The way you describe it, it's Christians against Muslims, it's holy war and this is an act of holy war.

Jones: That is not our intention. Our intention, like i said is to send a warning to radical Islam. Yes that is our intention.

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