Transcript: ABC News' Terry Moran Interviews Pastor Terry Jones


Jones: We definitely are getting some support. I mean it is quite obvious that as far as our emails here there appears to be definitely more people who do not want us to do it. but we do get quite a bit of support. the people that do not want us to do it, They're like a lot of our neighbors here, they don't necessarily not agree with us -- they are afraid. We've had neighbors stop here and say and try to talk to us or argue with us, and we'd say yes, but what we are saying is true and they'd say yes we know that, we don't care if its' true. we are afraid. so i think a lot of people respond out of fear. i think that if you look at what we are saying then of course as an American we do not want another form of government or a constitution. i think that's very logical and i think people can understand that. but i think there's a lot of fear involved with Islam.

Moran: And as of right now you're going to go forward and burn Korans on Sept 11th.

Jones: As of right now our plans are to still burn the Koran on Sept 11th. Yes.

Moran: Such a hurtful thing to do to somebody,

Jones: It's an insult. but we feel that the end message is more important than the insult. of course it's not a compliment when you burn the bible or the flag or the Moslems' Koran, obviously not.

Moran: It's sacrireligious, it's a desecration of what they hold sacred and precious.

Jones: To them. Of course to us, the Koran is an evil book, an evil deceptive book.

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