'2016': Anti-Obama Film's Giant Success

Meet the controversial filmmaker who claims he knows President Obama has a secret agenda.
3:00 | 08/30/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for '2016': Anti-Obama Film's Giant Success
Now that controversial conservative film a surprise box office smash that makes that shocking charge that President Obama has a secret un American agenda as the filmmaker told ABC's David Wright. It is -- real dream for America. 2016. Obama as America is already so successful the movie the White House doesn't want to succeed and the -- the media refuses. That author Dinesh D'Souza is fast becoming the Michael more of the right he surprised by the success of the bill. I'm overwhelmed this is my apartments are now into a film territory to -- his controversial film makes the case that President Obama has a secret agenda. Obama has a -- This -- colonialism be -- right and America the downside. In the movie d'souza stalks his way through Obama's life story as told in the president's best selling memoir dreams from my father. My way of putting it was to ask what is Obama's. Dream. But -- Souza takes a totally different spin them. Through Hawaii and Indonesia and Kenya he argues Obama is motivated by an effort to ease the radical father he barely knew. A man who's been dead for nearly 25 years do you take his personal narrative. On which he built his political career. Then you turn it against. I'm doing Obama the credit of taking him seriously as a thinker and as someone who is a man of ideas that the little disingenuous no no I say he's not getting results. Opposite to what he intends. He intends the result is getting to -- interviews Obama's half brother George whom the president has met only twice years ago. You like his brother. Has he been -- keep -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He looks so much Blanco he looks a lot like Obama he talks like Obama he has some of -- you know. A street Smart -- and native intelligence but George Obama turns out not to be a radical lefty. And -- suggests that for that reason the president turned his back on. But I bet if I went. Mumbai I could find a Marxist to Susan. All you absolutely could and he probably be teaching at a local university do you really believe. That Barack Obama wants to destroy America. No I bundled that you want to destroy America but he wants to downsize and I think he would like to see America have a smaller economy use less energy. He'd like to see a money redistributed away from America and to with the rest of the world d'souza spins out conspiracy theory that. By 2016. Of the US economy will collapse. And there'll be united states of Islam -- led by a nuclear armed Iran. And that Obama. Wants if you seriously think that it's a threat you've got to do stop. That has the real prospect of stopping the mullahs -- having a ball maybe -- that we can't afford a war with Iran right. Yes and act and is -- reasonable thing it's a reasonable thing and yet for a country America which is in a way the sole protector of Israel in the world. That would be a very scary thing for a lot of -- to discovered what he sixteen was produced by Steven Spielberg's producer from Jurassic Park Schindler's List. Oscar winner Jerry Moline. -- -- reduce something that we thought -- righteous and right. And I think we've been proven right there certainly people have voted Rivera. With their box office take. They had -- This weekend 2016 is expected to surpass Al Gore's inconvenient truth in total box office revenues. Putting it right behind. The most successful documentary of all time is that your hope for this film that -- be the Fahrenheit 9/11 of 2012. There's a bit of a scary comparison. Because. To -- Michael Moore is a bit like the federal government he's you know big fat and out of control I'm a little bit more like the private sector -- and nimble or some would say lean and mean. I'm David Wright for Nightline is intent.

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{"id":17112134,"title":"'2016': Anti-Obama Film's Giant Success","duration":"3:00","description":"Meet the controversial filmmaker who claims he knows President Obama has a secret agenda.","url":"/Nightline/video/2016-anti-obama-docs-giant-success-17112134","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}